it’s already the 3rd of december. and somewhere inside of me i feel a bit of a panic. 2015 is almost over. the season of advent and my hibernation in my cave as i prepare for the new year is moving too quickly. for some reason, i find myself wondering if i am making this as meaningful of a season as i could? was i prepared for it? am i losing time? at the same time, i know that i must simply let my days unfold. but, i feel like i am missing out on something. i have no idea what that might be – and i most certainly am not missing out on anything. or am i? i think i am thinking too much. i am putting too much pressure on myself or on this season. which is exactly what i did not want to do. here i am trying to make this a mindful, intentional holiday, and i am making myself feel like there is something that i have to do. but, things do feel quite fast and busy right now.  just when i want to slow down, life seems to speed the freak up.

so, on this cozy december morning i felt the desire to pause for just a moment and be present. to try to slow things down. to become aware of what is going on around + inside me.

an instagram friend of mine (@lilbitspieces) is doing a december daily challenge and posted a photo of a list of things that she was currently doing. so, i thought i’d turn her list into a blog post for a little thursday fun, share with you what’s going on with me, and take stock on how this day is shaping up.

so, here is what i am up to today:

reading // inner river by kyriacos c. mark ides. it’s deep book that explores our desire to connect with something transcendent and spiritual through the mystical traditions found in christianity.

planning // series and posts for the blog as we transition into the new year. so much fun.

watching // sweet little zola napping in her new favorite spot on the back of the sofa. we should all be so relaxed and zen as her. can i get an amen?!

zola the cat

trying // to figure out what i am going to wear today to two separate, but awesome events/happenings.

cooking // dinner for my love. pasta and veggies.

eating // a peanut butter sandwich and left over pumpkin pie.

drinking // coffee. all day long. (as usual!).

coffee me hand

thinking // about a very important meeting i have this afternoon.

pinning // tons of winter stuff on my winter board. i’m just so freaking inspired.

crafting // ummm… nothing. i am so not crafty, y’all. and i don’t really want to be, but i totally admire all of you who are.

loving // our christmas decorations this year (a longer post is coming soon!).

xmas christmas decorations

dreaming // of a white christmas. you’d think that it was a given since i live in sweden, but the temperature has been unseasonably warm. it’s crazy.

feeling // a mix of feelings regarding the holiday season. on the one hand, it feels cozy and good and just how i want it to feel. on the other hand, it feels different and strange. i really think that i have a completely difference attitude regarding the holidays this year. and, that’s a good thing. but, it is making the everyday experience of it very different. i feel like it is a special time, and not all at the same time. and, ultimately, i think that is good. that my the sacred is seeping into my everyday existence, instead of just waiting and expiring the amazingness of high, holy, special days. in other words, i feel like i am beginning to settle into living a much more intentional, balanced, extraordinary life every single day. and, even though its settling, it’s unsettling. and, as i said before, it’s all going so fast. lord, what a ramble that was!

listening // to O Come, O Come Emmanuel by Bella and Sebastien. It’s pure, ethereal magic.

celebrating // tonight with my fellow photo boutique employees and boss at our christmas party dinner. champagne. asian food. and amazing people. woo hoo!

improving // my life coaching skills during my 3rd training weekend starting tomorrow + i am so looking forward to getting back out into nature. this city girl needs her country fix.

so, friends, clearly i am all over the place right now. just keepin’ it real, folks. what are you up to today? copy this list + give us a little share, ok? please let me know that i am not the only one feeling whatever the hell it is i am feeling, which is, of course, everything. hehe. wishing you (and me!) a beautiful and balanced day.

onwards + upwards! xoxo