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Month: May 2011

the premiere.

summer weather has arrived in sweden!! and you know what that means, right?! yep. flip flops! my favorite shoes to wear (or not wear, since that’s part of the point for me. hehe.) anyway… after our day of business & work was over, lina and i put on summer clothes,…

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just a little walk.

it’s a beautifully sunny evening in norrköping. the sky is bright blue. the sun is golden. the trees are now dark green. the air is warm, yet crisp (when the wind blows, or when you happen to find yourself walking through some shade). it is amazing here in sweden when…

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det blir bättre.

sometimes there are good programs on tv. important ones. ones that can make a difference. tonight lina and i watched the last episode of  “det blir bättre” (it gets better). for the past 6 weeks this show has featured six people (one per episode) who have shared their stories, their…

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3 days off.

it’s friday night. the end of a busy, somewhat stressful week & the beginning of an american holiday weekend – memorial day weekend, the official beginning of summer!! we’re gonna celebrate here in sweden with a BBQ tomorrow! the weather should be nice – i hope. i’m wishing all you…

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 nya rådstugugatan. my street. my home. yep. it’s late and  i’m now home. it’s been a long, but really, really great day. there are some days that i can speak swedish, and some days i can’t. i have no idea why things happen that way. but, today i was freaking…

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9:00 pm.

it’s tuesday night and we’re having a cozy night at home ’cause we feel so tired. we did manage to find just enough energy to make a tasty dinner (that lina created. she’s so good at that!). now. we’re watching some tv and headed to bed pretty soon, i think.…

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sunny sunday.

aaahhhh… how amazing the weather was today! i slept late and woke to find the sun shining brightly. so, i opened the windows, made a pot of coffee, & surfed the internet from the cozy bed. eventually it was time to drag myself out from under the covers & away…

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working nights.

life is busy this weekend. i’m “working” nights with my internship, hanging with the youth/young adults who are working to keep other youth safe. it was amazing to see their dedication and responsibility in action last night!! how smart it is to have young people talk to & set examples…

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happy birthday!

she’s creative. musical. funny. compassionate. open-minded. respectful. thoughtful. loving. strong. amazing. she loves animals, traveling, art, technology, learning, trying different kinds of beer, a clean apartment, children, sunshine, strawberries, the wind in her hair, chocolate. she is my everything and today is her birthday!!! grattis, min älskling! ♥

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