a perfectly lazy tuesday.


wake up early. drink some coffee inside. enjoy another cup of coffee outside. watch some hgtv. read on the dock in the sun. eat some lunch. watch more hgtv. sit outside in the sun on the dock. drink a beer. finish reading a book. keep sitting on the dock. prepare some dinner. hgtv again. beer on the dock during sunset. perhaps a nighttime thunderstorm.

I love you, tuesday.

peace & summer love.

east meets west


a little before 6:00 this morning i woke up. at first i thought it was annoying. helloooo…. this is vacation. I should be sleeping late. then i realized that I could go outside instead of just laying in bed, thinking & waiting for others to wake. so i grabbed my camera (a must have. always.) and headed out the door, down to the dock, & sat down to meditate. perfect.

i sat facing the east so i could see the rest of the already happening sunrise. as I began just letting my thoughts go wherever they wanted, i started thinking about the directions east & west. as i sat facing east, i thought about religions who revere the east as a holy direction, a way to face the center of our core being. then I thought about my place in the world. my perspective, based on my location throughout my whole life.

until this past year, nc has been the center of my world, my starting point. everything else has been east, west, south, or north of me. to the east, lay europe, africa, the middle east – the place where my faith was born. the home of holiness to me. to the east, I felt, was where I could connect with my soul – my ancestors (whether those more recent ones from great britain, or those ancient ones from early christianity and early civilizations). the east felt like a memory of home – albeit a home i’d never visited. if i wanted to know who i was, who all humans are, then i simply needed to look to the east. there lies all of our history. there lies our connectedness. yes, the east is my historical home. where my soul was born. so to face the east in the morning is to reconnect with who i have been created to be.

but what about the west? i love the west, and all things west of me. as i sat thinking this morning, i didn’t want to make the west the “bad brother” to the “good sister” the east. but, i couldn’t help but feel the wildness, the carefree spirit of the west. the west is an adventure, and it’s a little more self-centered perhaps. from my perspective in this world, the west is a less tame & a little more individualistic, less civilized, more natural, wild place. the desert. the mountain. and the west has always peaked my interest as much as the east. i want to head west. i need to head west. i must wander, have adventures, discover myself outside of others. my soul needs the carefree spontaneity of the west.

the longer i sat this morning, the more i realized that the east & the west are complimentary twins. i need both. I yearn for both. i want to look backwards and forwards. i need the balance. we need the balance. i need to look to the east, discover who i am & from where i’ve come. i need to look to the west, discover who i am & where i’m going.

meditate and dream. old and new. east and west. everything touches my soul. every place, every moment makes me who i am.


anniversary love.


sunday was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary!!! so, we (the kids) took them out to dinner. and here we are… me & my brother. and our lovely wives. hehe. funny to say perhaps, but true! yes. i’m diggin’ all the family time. and it’s only gonna get better & better…

congrats, again, mom & dad!!!

peace & love.

the beach, baby!



We just got Internet at the beach house, so I can get a little blog fix now. I must admit that I’ve been going through withdrawal. Seriously. I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging every day has been cathartic & beneficial for me… a way I can get things out, process things, & be creative. All that said, I miss having instant Internet access at anytime. But, on the other hand, it’s definitely great to just be with my love & my family. So that’s gonna be my focus for these next few weeks!

But I can’t resist a little chance to reflect a tiny bit, so here’s goes…

The flight was amazingly calm, except for the hour long landing experience. We circled for an hour because of air traffic but finally safely made it. The most crazy, wonderful thing was getting through passport control/customs!!! No questions, no interviews, just equal treatment as a legitimately married couple!! I must say that it is a weird feeling to be entering the states as a citizen, but also a visitor. Cant really go into that here, as i am using my iPhone, hehe. Well, we headed down south a little to our campground with my parents (cozy times!) & then to Washington, DC!! It was soooo hot & there was sooooo much traffic! But, it was really great to visit!

Now we’re at the beach & surrounded by family! The weather’s hot, the sun is shining, the seafood is fantastic, and good times are ahead! Its amazing to be here!

Hope you have a great week! Peace.

happy camper.

what can i say? i’m a happy, happy camper! we made to the states, had an amazingly over-the-top awesome experience with passport/border control (= we were treated as the married couple that we are!!). long story that i can’t write out now… but one day. and now we are camping with my parents for our first night back in the good ‘ole USA! it feels so good, so free, so relaxed. ahhh… can’t really describe it! but i love it. tomorrow we’re gonna be tourists in washington, dc and then head on down to the beach! does it get any better?!

hope you have a fabulous weekend!! peace.


it’s time!

well, after almost one full year, we’re on our way to the states!!! that’s right. we left the apartment at 04:00 and are on our way to the airport. meh. soooo early. then, after just 14-15 hours of total travel time, we’ll reach american soil! it’s gonna be so great to have a vacation and to see my family! looking forward to an amazing time!!! gonna just be with my love & soak it all in. e v e r y single moment. can’t wait!!  i’m not sure how much internet i will be using, so just be patient… i’ll be back soon! until then, hope you have a great beginning of the summer!!! over and out.


the last day.

today i finished my swedish course!!! and it feels amazing and sad all at the same time. every time something changes, something ends or something new begins, i have to take it all in. i need to reflect on all that has happened. but, there’s no time for that today… our vacation begins tomorrow!!! ♥ (well i did crash my old classes’ party before i left the school. hehe). but now, it’s on to new things. laundry & packing!

thanks to zola for congratulating me with my grades/certificate in my hand. she’s so sweet & adorable. i’m pretty sure she knows something’s up = her mommies are going out of town. she’s following me & lina everywhere we go. and yes, i’m having some separation anxiety issues.

happy tuesday! peace.


i didn’t set the alarm.

ok. the verdict is in. i stayed home. no school for me today. but, it’s not all laziness.. i’ve gotta lot of things to do! happy tuesday!


love on trial.

i never made it all the way through the process of ordination in the United Methodist Church, as many of you know. but, one woman, rev. amy delong, did. we have some things in common. we both feel called to be ordained ministers in the UMC. we both have committed, loving relationships with women, and we both have experienced the sting of legalism over love. however, rev. delong, knows much more than i. she is an ordained minister in the UMC, and has been in ordained ministry for many years. she has juggled keeping her life with the church and her life with her partner secret for many years. but, in the past recent years, she realized and was affirmed that she, needed and wanted to be honest, truthful, free so that she could be the best minister and partner she could be. so, she decided to begin to tell her story, to weave together the parts of her life, and to speak out so that the UMC might begin to heal the brokenness and discrimination.

the problem now is that rev. amy delong has now been charged with 2 offenses of the UMC. and she will have a trial. beginning today. ironically, the trial is being held at peace united methodist church in the state of wisconsin. hopefully peace and justice will prevail. below is a quote from the website love on trial. you can follow trial updates from the website, or just read up on amy & her experiences.

Grace-Filled Ministry Prohibited

It is with great sadness that this website exists.

As is its pattern in matters regarding human sexuality, The United Methodist Church has once again chosen legalism over love and punishment over partnership.

Rev. Amy DeLong, an effective preacher and pastor, finds herself on the wrong side of church law because of: 

Pastoral Care (she gracefully cared for a loving lesbian couple by officiating at their Holy Union) and
Love (she and Val, her partner of 15 years, share a life-affirming, deeply loving relationship).

Both of these affirmations of love are prohibited by the United Methodist Church and are considered “chargeable offenses.” Conviction of a chargeable offense can lead to the removal of clergy credentials and all ministerial privileges.  

A trial date of June 21-23, 2011, has been set.

i’ve got so much to be thankful for, so much excitement going on these days… still, this issue always weighs heavily on my heart. i think about it daily. and what comes out of this trial may somehow change things for me and for for many others – in good or bad ways. are we (the UMC) going to be faithful to the gospel or faithful to the institution (=rules) of the institution? i just wanted to share my thoughts. it helps me process things. thanks for reading.