June 2011

beautiful weather.

this morning. this evening. peace & more peace.

a perfectly lazy tuesday.

29 Jun 2011 life, north carolina

wake up early. drink some coffee inside. enjoy another cup of coffee outside. watch some hgtv. read on the dock in the sun. eat some lunch. watch more hgtv. sit outside in the sun on the dock. drink a beer. finish reading a book. keep sitting on the dock. prepare some dinner. hgtv again. beer on the dock during sunset. perhaps a nighttime thunderstorm. I love you, tuesday. peace & summer love.

east meets west

27 Jun 2011 life

a little before 6:00 this morning i woke up. at first i thought it was annoying. helloooo…. this is vacation. I should be sleeping late. then i realized that I could go outside instead of just laying in bed, thinking & waiting for others to wake. so i grabbed my camera (a must have. always.) and headed out the door, down to the dock, & sat down to meditate. perfect. i sat facing the east so i could see theRead More

anniversary love.

27 Jun 2011 lbgtq, life, north carolina

sunday was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary!!! so, we (the kids) took them out to dinner. and here we are… me & my brother. and our lovely wives. hehe. funny to say perhaps, but true! yes. i’m diggin’ all the family time. and it’s only gonna get better & better… congrats, again, mom & dad!!! peace & love.

the beach, baby!

26 Jun 2011 north carolina

Hello!!! We just got Internet at the beach house, so I can get a little blog fix now. I must admit that I’ve been going through withdrawal. Seriously. I’ve come to the conclusion that blogging every day has been cathartic & beneficial for me… a way I can get things out, process things, & be creative. All that said, I miss having instant Internet access at anytime. But, on the other hand, it’s definitely great to just be with myRead More



slow living. photography. craft beer. spirituality. moon + stars. bare feet. road trips. mexican food. blankets. the ocean. journals. coffee. airplanes. forests. meditation. eating out. cacti. playlists. family time. zola the cat. lina, my love.

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