July 2011

happy (halfway) new year!

31 Jul 2011 life

this morning i realized that we are halfway through 2011. exactly today. something i read was titled “halfway resolutions” and i thought. crap. did i make any resolutions on january 1? and if i did, it is a sure sign that i have not kept them due to the fact that i cannot even remember if i made any or not. oops. i believe, though, that i did not make any… based on previous experiences of not keeping my promisesRead More


30 Jul 2011 spirit + soul

some days i feel lost. like i’m just standing in one place. stuck. but i have so many directions in which to go. that’s the problem, though. there’s so much to do, so many places to go, so much to do, that i just freeze. i stand there not knowing what to do next. knowing what i want to do, or what i need to do, or what i don’t want to do. but unable to make any moves. orRead More

market day.

28 Jul 2011 life

this is our neighborhood square. our grocery store is here. our post office is here. a little convience store is here. a pharmecy is here. some chinese food restaurants are here. and there is a new pub that has opened up here as well (which we’ve gotta try out soon). i love this little square. it’s got all our basic needs & it’s cozy. in the winter there is a giant christmas tree all lit up… and the trees along the street haveRead More

out in the country.

27 Jul 2011 wilderness

we’ve been back in sweden a little over a week and a half now, and we have already made a tiny little road trip out of the city & into country to visit some friends & have dinner. every time i head out into the swedish countryside, i am in awe of the beauty. it’s not like in the southern & eastern part of the united states where there are houses, neighborhoods, and tiny towns spread everywhere outside the cityRead More

love conquers hate.

25 Jul 2011 culture + art

” if one man can show so much hate, think how much love we can all show together.” ~ Stine Renate Håheims, survivor of Norway shootings. spread a little love today. and help bring about peace.



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