a weekend in stockholm.

i’ve been dying to find some time to share these pictures from our weekend in stockholm, and i need to go to bed big time (my new job starts in the morning!!), but i just can’t let another day go by without a post. while i have tons to write about (stockholm stuff & soooo much more), i can’t ever seem to squeeze in the time lately, so this will be a post full of pictures… which, as they say, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. ok. enough talking… let’s let the city of stockholm speak for itself!

thank you, stockholm, for a wonderful weekend full of friends, food, fikas, shopping, and cozy times. see you again, soon!

blogging on the bus.


Geez it feels early and i am in desperate need of some coffee! But, friends, I have made it to the weekend – and it’s a weekend without work! Yesssss! However, I’m having some conflicting emotions right now…

On the one hand, I’m on my way, as I write this, for a fun weekend in Stockholm with my love! Shopping, pubs, dancing, friends, cafes… woo hoo!! Not to mention, I’m traveling in style! I’m on a bus that boasts luxury seats with craploads, free wifi the whole trip, snacks, drinks, etc. Love it. So, being off this weekend, having a little road trip, and good weather ahead is setting this up to be a great weekend!

On the other hand, I’m thinking about my family in North Carolina. The all live at the beach, and there is a massive hurricane bearing down on the coast. Everything seems to show that the worst part of the hurricane is headed straight for my family & their homes. Gaaahhh. Most of them are leaving their homes, but a few may have to stay, which worries me greatly… I’ll keep up as much a I can via Internet & some phone calls. Hurricane Irene, please be gentle.

Now, I’m gonna sit back & enjoy the next 2 hours, surf the net, and track the weather in the states. Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Peace & safety.

what’s a festival without fireworks?

well, my love & i have found ourselves at home on the sofa tonight. and we are having so much fun! doing what?! absolutely nothing! with nothing hanging over our heads tonight and a chance to just sit, i’ve found a little time to post a few pictures from the festival last weekend. as i said a few days ago, we worked most of the festival, but we squeezed in a few festival musts-sees and must-dos. here’s what we saw!

 they set up rides and games in the square one block from us!

there were people everywhere in the middle of the street fair!

at night, everyone rode the rides, and then just before 10, everyone headed down the main street to see the fireworks. it was crazy!

don’t you just loooove fireworks?!!!

peace out!