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Month: September 2011

happy fall!

it’s here! this beautiful time of year!!! cool, crisp air. colorful leaves. fuzzy blankets. cozy, warm homes. and soon… pumpkins!! the entrance into our apartment. outside our kitchen window. just lovely. happy first day of fall!!! peace.

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little discoveries.

i had some errands to do today, and as i was on my way home i turned down a street about 2 blocks from my apartment. it’s a street that i walk down frequently, but it’s not my usual route. and every time i do walk down it, i get…

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“there’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be. it’s easy.”

what if everyday we felt like we were exactly where we were supposed to be?  what would life be like then? but, we don’t think that way… or at least i don’t. i haven’t. on happy, sunny, exciting days i felt like i was exactly where i should be in…

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monday morning is here.

typical autumn monday morning weather. gray & rainy. makes me wanna crawl back under the covers, hide a little, sleep a little, and feel all snuggly and warm. but i resisted the temptation & got up. made some coffee, washed my face, and began my day with some quiet time.…

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it’s been 10 years.

ten years ago today i was standing in my classroom teaching a lesson on something to my special 6-8th grade students. a fellow teacher walked by my door and told me that something had happened in NYC so i should turn on my tv. it was about 8:50am. and then…

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