October 2011

today i wanna be 12.

31 Oct 2011 north carolina

 dad & me (from circa 2007/2008). always kids. it’s halloween!!! i loooove this day! but, what i love most is what i remember from when i was a child or a teenager. halloween was a big deal in my family. we dressed up (well, not my dad). but, my mom had this crazy witch’s costume and wig that she wore almost every year. and of course, my brother & i had costumes on. but, not usually any of those store-boughtRead More

the joys of living in europe.

there are some major perks to living in europe. and one of them is that so many countries, and therefore so many cultures, lay close to one another. on top of that, there are cheap plane tickets to be found. and then there are friends who live in those nearby countries. add all of this up and… you guessed it! my love and i are off on another trip! this time we’re headed to the land of guiness beer, U2,Read More

21st century pen pals.

25 Oct 2011 create + inspire

i have a bunch of friends that i have never met. well, i like to think that we are friends, even though we have never talked to each other.  it’s true, we have never even seen each other (except perhaps a picture or 2.), but we read and write to each other all the time. we live all over the world, in different countries, with different cultures… but are connected by words. i’m not sure if i’ll ever meet theseRead More

busy monday.

24 Oct 2011 life

it’s a busy day in our little downtown apartment. we’re home all day, but have plenty to do. what have we been up to, you wonder? well, first we were busy sleeping until almost 10:30. poor us, i know. guess we were exhausted. then we were busy syncing all of our calendars and other technical devices… we are nerds like that. and we were also busy drinking coffee all morning and eating breakfast at 12. now we are doing laundryRead More

i am complete again.

23 Oct 2011 life

the baptism dress. i have spent this weekend at home without my love. well, actually, i haven’t been home that much. friday night i worked. but, later in the night i settled into an empty bed to watch the latest episode of one of my fav shows, and drifted off to sleep with an adorable cat beside me. we took care of each other, since we both felt a little weird without lina. saturday morning was slow and calm… coffeeRead More



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