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Month: October 2011

today i wanna be 12.

 dad & me (from circa 2007/2008). always kids. it’s halloween!!! i loooove this day! but, what i love most is what i remember from when i was a child or a teenager. halloween was a big deal in my family. we dressed up (well, not my dad). but, my mom…

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21st century pen pals.

i have a bunch of friends that i have never met. well, i like to think that we are friends, even though we have never talked to each other.  it’s true, we have never even seen each other (except perhaps a picture or 2.), but we read and write to…

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busy monday.

it’s a busy day in our little downtown apartment. we’re home all day, but have plenty to do. what have we been up to, you wonder? well, first we were busy sleeping until almost 10:30. poor us, i know. guess we were exhausted. then we were busy syncing all of…

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i am complete again.

the baptism dress. i have spent this weekend at home without my love. well, actually, i haven’t been home that much. friday night i worked. but, later in the night i settled into an empty bed to watch the latest episode of one of my fav shows, and drifted off…

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i feel every little thing.

i’m the first to admit that i’m an optimist. a hopelessly romantic chick who’s full of thoughts of dreams and possibilities. i think that some people may think that i am too hopeful, though. too positive sometimes. maybe i am. i’ve been accused of wanting to run away from anything…

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twisted celebrations.

is there something wrong with me? or is it because of my world view and my experiences in life? i am confused, once again, at the joy that people feel when another person is killed. ok. i’m not just confused. i am angered by it. disappointed in humanity. afraid that…

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a package!!!

here i am on a chilly thursday night. sitting in silence, but feeling rather productive. i finally succeeded in focusing and getting some work done. and now i’m all ready for my meeting with the youth tomorrow night. yes, i know. it’s a day ahead. and i neeeever complete things…

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the colors of my day.

it’s late afternoon and the candles around me, the coffee warming me, the raindrops dripping down my windows, and the music playing in the background are all creating a warm, inspiring, calm feeling inside me. it’s almost a perfect afternoon. (lina is at work. if she was home, things would…

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rainbow books.

one day last week lina said that she wanted to rearrange the books on our bookshelf… by color. what a fun idea! so, last night, when we had some time we did it. ok. she really did it… i ended up chatting with my cousin on skype. but i was…

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