November 2011

oh, to have been there…

30 Nov 2011 culture + art

amazing. stunning. breathtaking. how beautiful it can be when we all work together. peace.

family time.

29 Nov 2011 life

my mini-retreat has ended… my love is home!!! now we’re enjoying a night on the sofa together. it’s amazing how being apart for just 2 days will make you appreciate each other even more. feels weird when we are apart, but it feels so amazing when we are back together again! wishing all of you a cozy night! peace.

breathlessly waiting.

29 Nov 2011 spirit + soul

i’m still in the middle of my little personal retreat. i’m not quite ready to share what i’ve read from joseph campbell (the guy i referred to in yesterday’s post). i’m still soaking it in. i’ve been thinking about the things that he has written, but forefront on my mind today the season that is upon us now. so, that’s what i’m inspired to write about this morning as i sit under my covers, sip on my coffee and smellRead More

what to do with my monday.

28 Nov 2011 spirit + soul

a rainy window, with christmas lights outside, on the first sunday in advent. last night there was a storm all across southern sweden. kind of a scandinavian hurricane, you could say. it’s been chaos… no electricity, transportation issues, wind & rain & flooding damage. it wasn’t too bad here (we live in the northern part of southern sweden. make sense?), but there was a lot of wind & rain. no real damage. so, we were able to hunker down &Read More

it’s time!

27 Nov 2011 life

well, it’s the end of november and we’ve celebrated thanksgiving – that cozy all-american holiday. lots of planning, lots of waiting, lots of cooking, a little stress thrown in, & lots of food. yes, today, we had thanksgiving here in our little apartment in sweden with some of lina’s family. it was a cozy, relaxed evening together & it was super fun to see swedes try out some typical american thanksgiving food (that’s right. i cooked. a crapload of food!).Read More



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