December 2011

say yes. even if you’re totally unsure.

19 Dec 2011 greece, spirit + soul

i got this card almost 4 years ago when i visited greece for the first time. i have always thought that icons & images are interesting and beautiful, but when i saw this one, i was drawn into the picture. it was as if i jumped into the story, standing in the corner of the room, watching this conversation taking place, feeling every emotion of the two i was secretly watching… in reality i was standing in a giant, elaborately decoratedRead More

happy monday!

19 Dec 2011 life

on my way to work this morning, there lay a little bit of snow on the ground. beautiful, huh? have a great day! it’s almost christmas! peace.

hmm… it’s saturday. ♥

17 Dec 2011 life

good saturday night, my dear friends. it’s a cold one here in sweden. in case you are dying for a weather update (and even if you’re not, you’re gonna get one. hehe)… there is a little bit of snow mixed in with rain tonight, so i’m not exactly happy about that. on the other hand, i’m home alone since my love is working & it’s good that there’s not a snowstorm going on since she has to drive and beRead More

let it snow!

16 Dec 2011 life

please, oh please let this weather forecast come true! i’m doing a snow dance!

like a true hippie.

16 Dec 2011 culture + art

 ‎1.5 million served. 30,000 wounded. 4,500 lost lives – american lives & iraqi lives.  thousands of iraqis displaced, refugees in other countries now. many of whom i have met here in in sweden. and finally, after tons of money, years of violence, and a country turned upside-down… almost 9 years later, the war in iraq is over. the question is, what do we do now? will we continue to turn to war in order to solve our problems or spreadRead More



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