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Month: February 2012

crazy weekend nights.

hello! ok. maybe my weekend nights are not crazy in your eyes, but they are my nights just the same. and i like them. i’m not ashamed. judge me if you want… well, perhaps we just have different definitions of crazy. hehe. i’m kidding. they were definitely not wild &…

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out in the sunshine.

after some serious wind & rain during the night, when i woke up this morning, the sun was shining and the sky was blue! on top of that, i had a whole day in front of me… my day off! at first, i thought about staying home & having a…

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the talk of the town.

seeing as i am a resident of sweden and have now claimed the swedish royal family as my own royal family (since i’m from the states & we have no royalty), i have a duty to post this: what is it, you ask? it’s the official royal family’s announcement of…

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je ne sias pas.

i don’t know why, but i have a french music obsession today. i’m playing one soothing playlist after another. perhaps somewhere deep inside of me i’m tapping into my french-ness. i have no connection to france or anything french, except that i studied it for 2 years in high school.…

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9:00 am

got my bottomless cup of coffee. lovely french music (sandrine kiberlain) in the background. two candles lit. a snuggly blanket to take the chill off. and cozy clothes on. my workday has begun… a day of writing, planning, & reflecting. oh the comforts of working from home. i’m a lucky…

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life in the fast lane.

oh my gosh. where do i begin? life is crazy right now. really good, but crazy. working 1 job 50% and having an internship 50% is about to rip me in two. don’t get me wrong, i absolutely loooove both my job & my internship, and i do not want…

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