yep. it’ s week # 3 in instagram pictures.

it’s late & i’m tired, but not too tired to share some pics. hehe. so, here we go…

day 15: car

 we have no car & i couldn’t find the car that i want, which just happens to be parked in our neighborhood pretty often. so, i went artsy & posted this picture of a random car parked outside the gate of our apartment building.

day 16: sunglasses

 day 16 was no day for sunglasses here. it was cold & cloudy, and the best we could do was try some on & dream about warmer places.

day 17: green

 yes. i’m aware that there is no green in this picture. but, it was our st. patrick’s day celebration. i think the irish items in the pic make  up for the lack of green. right?

day 18: a corner in your home this corner in our apartment became a spontaneous music corner when lina spread out all of her stuff.

day 19: funny

wakey. wakey. good morning to our little zola who just sat up & opened her eyes. she is so not awake yet. funny girl.

day 20: before & after

a blog post before. and a blog post after.

an extra pic:

 i chatted with my parents on Skype the other day. my dad took the computer out to their dock, sat it in a chair, and then sat across from me. it was hilarious! and it felt like i was right there with him. crazy cool.

day 21: delicious

 a delicious fika (coffee break-ish type thing) at work with some lovely ladies.

and a few extra shots from work today… where we now have our new sign up at the church where i work. (click here to read more about the history of why we needed a new sign). it’s so cool.

ok. my internet peeps. i’m over & out tonight. hope your wednesday has been fab.

peace out.


  1. Anonymous

    You make me hungry every time you include pictures of cheese and cucumber sandwiches.

    Anyway the new church sign looks great! I hope that the more neutral (nondenominational) name is a good invitation to the many people walking past the building. Great location!!

    • liz

      hey anonymous person!
      haha!!! we most definitely eat the sandwiches all. the. time. good thing they’re yummy. :) as for the sign, it is certainly an exciting thing for many reasons, and hopefully inviting, as you say!

    • liz

      I know, right? Telling stories through pictures is sometimes way more powerful than words. And, yes, Instagram is such an addiction! I like following your pics too. :)

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