wordless wednesday: for the nature lover.

brought to you by the gorgeous nature found during my week in the swedish archipelago.  hej då!

now go hug a tree. peace.

16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday: for the nature lover.

    1. Aww… so glad that you feel like you’re almost right there. The best compliment a photographer can get, I think! :)

  1. Fantastiska bilder. Samma gamla Skeppsgården men med nya ögon. Älskar verkligen den första bilden, den åttonde och så tolvan med utsikten från båthuset. I´m really a nature lover.

  2. Holy godzilla.

    Such beautiful photos, you have.

    I can’t travel right now – I’m learning to walk again and pace my breathing, too, but your blog helps take me to places when I feel like I’m ‘stuck’ here at home.

    Cheers, you beautiful soul.

    1. You are too kind! Guess what?! I found your blog and now I’m an official reader. :) It means more than you know for me to hear that my blog touches you. Thank you so much. xo

      1. So nice to see you over at my place! :D

        You’re too sweet – you’re going to give me a toothache! LOL!

        Looking forward to more of your posts. Yes, your blog touches me. It makes me smile :) And I think I’m rediscovering my love for photography so thank YOU.

        I feel inspired.

      2. Yay! Do it! Take pics and get absorbed with the magic of capturing a moment. I put photography down/away for a while myself, but it has found its way back into my life now. ;)

      3. Once I’m able to go outside on my own, I’ll definitely go back to it :)

        I stopped because of someone I dated…maybe I’ll write about it sometime :) but, I’m finding my true self again and Art has found its way back in my life in many forms :) It’s been awesome!

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