ok, peeps. here we go. day one in ireland! i must say, this was an unbelievable weekend. u.n.b.e.l.i.e.v.a.b.l.e. the main event of our 5 day trip to emerald isle was to celebrate the wedding of our two dear friends; but we had a day in dublin before we headed out to the irish countryside for those celebrations. so, here’s a little peek at how we spent our time when we arrived. now you’re gonna see why we looove dublin so much!

on the bus… the journey has begun!

ryanair is freaking crazy. you don’t have assigned seats, so you’ve gotta claw your way as close to the front of the line as possible. we’re just waiting here, watching all the anxious people waiting to board a plane to london.

our plane!

ready as we’ll ever be. but, super excited.

my love squeezing my hand. big time. she’s afraid of flying, & take off is really tough for her. i’m in my seat giggling because i love going so fast.

that’s ireland down below!

first stop: starbucks! we didn’t plan it, but hey. it was right there when we got off the bus. destiny, i say.

all checked into our hotel in the middle of downtown dublin & ready to take on the town.

waiting at the bus stop for lina’s brother. he flew from sweden on a later flight & joined us for the weekend. yay.

typical irish weather. rain & sun. simultaneously. crazy beautiful.

first things first, now that we’re all together. what time is it? beer-thirty. us: “we’d like to order 3 guinesses, please.” bartender: “we don’t have guinness here. we sell local beer.” us (stunned): “uhhh… well, give us something good…

yep. it was good. so, no guiness yet. but, still, a success.

and there was live irish music. never wrong, ya know. i love it.

we got a little hungry, so we went to a tapas restaurant & went crazy. delish.

ok. what can we get ourselves into now? hmmm…

how ’bout a guiness to end our first day in dublin, ireland? sláinte!

now, that’s only the beginning of the pictures from my weekend. you have no idea some of the things that are waiting. tomorrow, i’ll share with y’all what we did on friday. let’s just say it included a road trip into the irish countryside (where we got lost) and a billiard room. check back tomorrow!!

wishing you peace, love, & rainbows.