what i can say about this crazy city that’s known as the crossroads of the world? it’s fantastic & amazing!! i’ve been there several times, but i’ve probably only spent a total of 3 days there. and every time i was there, it was for some other reason… an interview, leading a youth mission trip. so, this was the first time i was there with no responsibilities except to ensure that my love and i enjoyed every minute. and that we did! after 2 weeks at the beach, a trip to asheville, and then a few days back at the beach we headed up to NYC in my parents’ rv. (by the way, they are amazing for driving us up & down the eastern seaboard!). it was a confusing time of emotions for me… leaving the beach area & my family, knowing it would be a while until i set foot on NC soil again, and heading to the Big Apple for some fun. i couldn’t quite figure out my emotions on the ride up. nevertheless, the inevitable came and we said goodbye to my parents… hate that. but we were immediately swept away in a cab and driven directly to our hotel room in the middle (and i mean freaking middle) of Times Square! it was an awesome location! we spent the 2 days & 2 nights in times square, on broadway, shopping on 5th avenue, exploring central park, and soaking up all the culture, craziness, & people all around us. i can’t wait until we head back for a few more days (in the unknown future) so we can visit a few different areas which we are dying to see (greenwich village, etc.)!

but, for now, here are some snapshots of the bright lights & big city!

just one short block away from our hotel room lies this madness… love it!

we are heeeeeerrrreeee!!!!

all the people. all the noise. all the lights. it’s electrifying!

our cozy little NYC home for 2.5 days. i recommend it because of it’s location!

good morning, NYC!

after our starbucks fix, we went to see harry potter in 3D (at 10:15 in the morning. felt weird.) – on the day that it opened in the States!

a little rock climbing in central park. who knew? well, i didn’t.

ok. there is one thing i was dying to do… see the Dakota, the apartment building where john lennon lived (and was killed, as well). we walked and walked to get to the upper west side, and couldn’t find the building anywhere. i was certain of the address, but the only thing that was there was this building under renovation. seriously, what would be the chances that the Dakota was being renovated while we were there? well, after asking around, i found out that indeed, this was the correct place. and it was indeed under renovation. so, there you go. the Dakota. in all it’s scaffolding-covered glory. unbelieveable. but, once i thought about it, it was fine. i mean, i was walking all over john lennon’s NYC neighborhood. freaking amazing. 

upper west side homes. gorgeous.

woo hoo! and on this coming sunday, marriage equality will become a reality in the state of new york. YES! 

just a few hours after this picture, we were on our plane headed for sweden. thank you, NYC, for giving us a great time!!!

tomorrow is the last post from our summer 2011 USA trip… so be sure check it out!