ok. i’m trying something new this week. you see, i’ve got this crazy, inspiring energy right now. it’s not really creative inspiring, like i usually feel. instead, it’s practical/get shit done inspiring.

so i’m gonna ride this wave as long as i can.

last week i talked with a dear friend of mine who has been a kick ass life coach for years. and now she works to help life coaches become better life coaches + start their businesses. she does so much more than that actually, but this is the thing that relates to me right now.

so, we had a skype session and it rocked my socks off.

she knows exactly what i need: a constant kick in the ass. and concrete, practical steps as i move forward and own my life coaching superpowers. hehe.

let me back up actually…

a few days before my skype chat with my friend, i set my alarm for 1:15 am and got up to do a webinar. yep. i got out of bed, grabbed a big mason jar glass of water, and sat down at my computer with my moleskin opened to take notes for an hour and a half. it was fabulous. and crazy. but, fabulous.

as i headed back to bed at 3 am, my mind was spinning. i loved what was being offered at the end of the webinar, but it’s not in the cards for me right now to purchase other kind of training program. plus, i realized something freaking awesome.

talk about owning my power… i realized that i am not meant to jump on board with someone else’s kick ass stuff.

i am meant to create my own kick ass stuff. 

from scratch. no more using others’ ideas. it’s time to dig deep, with the inspiration and guidance of others who have gone before, and make my own programs and plans.

i’m talking workshops. e-courses. small groups. challenges. blog posts. and ways to get clients.

i have sooooo much to do. and i cannot wait to get started.

so, how am i gonna get it all done? 

well, it all came from my skype session with my friend. i’m gonna set aside a certain amount of time ,of my choosing, for a certain number of days, also of my choosing. with these “homework assignments”, i decided to look at my calendar and decide which days would work the best.

all of that led me to create a whole new weekly calendar, making time for every single thing that i want + need to do.

so, here’s what this week looks like for me:

week 43 calendar

of course, right now, this feel super doable. but, let’s see how the week goes. in any case, i am committed to trying. 

but, why, you wonder? what do I really hope to gain from this set schedule which goes against my free-spirited, spontaneous soul?!

well… this: 

// keep the momentum 

i feel the energy + i want it to keep flowing. so, committing to do at least a little something very often, i keep myself moving forward and that keeps me moving closer to my dreams and goals. 

// use my time wisely

sometimes i need some serious help using my time wisely. having it all planned out, i know exactly what i want to do and when i am going to do it. 

// do everything i want all at the same time

i cannot function without staying grounded. scheduling time for work, play, mediation, and dream-chasing keeps me balanced. scheduling helps me focus on what my foundation to living a slow life, even in the midst of busy days. 

// big goals + dreams

doing one little thing at a time leads to making big dreams and goals a reality. it’s only possible to do one thing at a time anyway, so having a routine reminds me to just focus on what i am doing right now. that’s all we can do anyway, right? and by taking it all one moment, one activity, at a time, we set ourselves up to create the life that we really want. one step at a time leads to making dreams come true. 

// accountability

this is pure and simple my need for a kick in the ass. then end. it’s much easier to do things with someone else, or with the support of someone else, so why not have  a designated ass-kicker?!

// practice what i preach

i write about it all the time. living a slow, grounded, balance life that is filled with chasing dreams and following my bliss is exactly what i focus on in all i say and share. so, i’m not just saying it y’all, i’m doing it too. because i’ve done this before. and i know it works. 

these are my intentions this week, my friends. i have set them and i own them… now let’s see what happens!

how do you deal with having lots to do? do you like schedules and routines. and, more importantly, do you own your power to make your dreams your reality?!

cuz you totally can. 

xoxo. liz.