yes. i had a mini-meltdown yesterday. and, as i suspected, today i feel much better. i suppose i just needed to get that all out. i needed to process. and i needed y’all to listen. which you did, as usual. thank you so much… for your comments, advice, pep talks, and support. i’m a lucky girl since i have all of you. and you help keep me sane.

so , now, i’ve moving on.

today, i did the same thing i did yesterday in the morning after i dropped off lina… i went to a new cafe in town. not new new, but new to me. and as i sipped my coffee out of my mug that i brought from home (here in asheville, businesses encourage green living by offering discounts when you BYOM – bring your own mug. sweet, huh?), i thought that i just might do a little 40 day cafe thing. a kind of cafe challenge.

what i am challenging myself to do is to go to a cafe every day (monday -friday) for the next 40 days. blog, journal, and/or photograph my experiences each day, and see what comes of spending that intentional time alone, and yet in the community. i mean, i love coffee. i love asheville. i need to meet people. and right now, i can work from my computer anywhere that has wifi, so it’s perfect. creative. an experiment. an adventure. i wonder what will happen… will i really just sit and read for 40 days? or will i end up talking with people? will i write any? how much? will i really try 40 different coffee shops/cafes?

filo coffee

i think i got inspired today when i sat down with my cup of coffee and saw a person coming toward me who i recognized. soon, i realized that it was the guy that i met with a few weeks ago at a cafe. the same one where i was today actually. he slowed down and chatted for a minute, as he was on his way to work. and then, something clicked in me. i very way may get to know more people, make more connections, run into people again & again as i make these cafe visits over the next 40 days. plus, i got stuck thinking about (and coveting) his job. he works for the paper and has an online blog. i just felt something inside me as he walked past… like taking this time over the next 40 days might produce something. and i have no idea what i mean by that, it’s just something.

also, yesterday, some of my IG (instagram) buddies poked fun at me for  “taking them on a tour” of different cafes in asheville with all of my photos. and, now, i’m thinking… why not build on that? why not make this a daily ritual for the next 40 days and see what happens?

so , i’m excited. motivated. and ready to see what transformations can occur over a simple cup of coffee.

40 cups. 40 cafes. 40 days.

now, i only need a title. what do i call this little cafe experiment? any suggestions?! feel free to comment away!

peace & love over a cup of joe.