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hello, coffee lovers! well, just when you thought that asheville was all about beer, i’m here to tell you that there is so very much more than beer. in fact, the craft coffee scene in asheville is really on the rise. local cafés + coffeehouses are popping up everywhere. some have been here for a while, some are new to the area. but, they all have a deep love for coffee that is sustainable, fair, + delicious.

that’s right, coffee is the new beer in asheville. you can get regular coffee, pour over coffee, cold brew, freshly roasted beans, and so much more. many of the cafés are also roasters, using their space to roast the beans that they import directly from farmers around the world. that means that when you drink you cup of coffee, you know where the beans come from + who you are supporting. the roaster-farmer relationship is really important to many coffee places in asheville. the idea is to import directly to the roaster from the farm, skipping the big business middle man in between. how freaking cool is that?!

i guarantee that whether you live in asheville or are visiting, if you stop by some of these amazing coffeehouses, you will leave a coffee snob. unable to settle for “regular coffee”, which is mass produced. but, you know what? i think that’s ok. i think that that means that you (and i) are consumers who care deeply about what we put in our bodies and how we try to make a difference, even as we sip on our coffee.

wanna find a cafe or coffeehouse in the asheville area? pick out a place you want to visit, then click on it + read all about my experiences there. and then definitely contact me if you want to meet for coffee (and yummy food. most of these places also have great food too!).

  1. waking life
  2. bean werks
  3. over easy
  4. tod’s tasties
  5. high five
  6. firestorm (moved location in march 2014 + have not yep opened up in a new space)
  7. clingman’s cafe
  8. edna’s
  9. dobra tea house
  10. panacea
  11. eagle street coffee emporium
  12. world coffee cafe
  13. biscuithead
  14. true confections
  15. five points
  16. double d’s
  17. city bakery cafe
  18. bomba
  19. hi wire cafe & the downtown market
  20. asheville coffee roasters
  21. battle cat
  22. izzy’s
  23. a mid-autumn pause
  24. dripolater
  25. west end bakery
  26. biltmore coffee traders
  27. malaprops
  28. allgood
  29. dynamite roasting
  30. old europe
  31. battery park book exchange & champagne bar
  32. mosaic
  33. the artisan
  34. filo
  35. the local joint
  36. mountain mojo
  37. zuma
  38. french broad coffee lounge

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