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2 May 2014 Asheville, NC, life

hello, there, friday lovers. just wanted to pop in and greet you as we begin the weekend. who’s ready for it?! i’m sure my dear, sweet love is ready. she’s been incognito all week with her head in her physics and pre-calculus books. ewww. but, in about 2 hours, she’s done with those two finals and only has two more next week. by next tuesday at lunchtime, she’s my free, summer-lovin’ girl. i can’t wait for her to be ableRead More

nickel creek in asheville!

it’s been almost 2 weeks since my love and i got to share a super, great, amazing evening. i’ve been dying to write about it and share it with you all – but, to be honest, i’ve just been riding high ever since and haven’t been able to write about it… until now! about two weeks ago, one of my very favorite (ever!) groups came to asheville. and i freaked out! i had to go! nickel creek is a bluegrassRead More

10 things only people from asheville understand.

i found a super fun blog post on Facebook the other day that i knew i needed to reblog. but, being the blog snob that i am, i could not simply reblog it as it was. i wasn’t satisfied with how it looked exactly, so i tweaked it a bit and i added my own photos – not because the original photos were bad, but because i am putting this on my blog and i believe that i should beRead More

sensory overload. part 11. (or, i love being a tour guide!)

there are a few main factors contributing to why i have a ton of photos this week. and, i have a ton! to begin with, last week was g-o-r-g-eous (most of the week, anyway). that kind of beautiful time when you know without a doubt that you will not be stuck in narnia forever. and it is as if you can feel the earth breathing beneath your feet… waking up from its winter slumber. literally, there was something in theRead More

40 days in a cathedral: week two

“we cannot become what we want to be remaining what we are.” – max depree lent is the time for confessions. and i’ve got a doozy… i did not go to the cathedral one single time this week. that’s right. not once did i darken the doors of that beautiful space. but, i have some good reasons – i mean, excuses. because that’s what i need when i mess up, right? excuses. oh, screw the excuses. i admit my failures.Read More



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