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medicine for the soul

good morning, lovelies. i thought i’d share with y’all the inspiration that i received from my meditation time on the beach early this morning. it was just the perfect thing to fill my soul. i hope that it does the same for you. namaste.  “the medicine we need grows all around us.” – tina & her..

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back where i come from

you know, i was planning on doing a big wrap-up post at the end of my beach vacation with the family, but i realized that i will not have time to doing blogging once i get home. why, you ask? because we arrive home on sunday night and on tuesday morning we head to sweden..

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friends & family are what it’s all about

hi friends! happy monday to you, wherever you are. i am a lucky girl this week because i am at atlantic beach (north carolina) with my family for our annual reynolds beach week. right now, it’s early in the morning and i’m sitting on my cozy, fluffy bed with my love snoozing beside me. a..

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