Atlantic Beach, NC

from the mountains to the sea.

hey folks! today i’m writing from my parents’ beach house. specifically their deck which overlooks sea water. yay!! that’s right, after two very long years without the north carolina coast, we are finally back. back to one of the places that i consider home. one of the places that has remained a constant in my life, when everything else around me has changed. we left the mountains yesterday morning and made the 7 hour drive across the state, stopping severalRead More

28 days of love: black & white style.

well, here we are again. another week has flown by and there are only a few days left in february. crazy!! and from where i am sitting now, it feels pretty good to be moving on into march. good in an exciting way! for now, though, i have a few more super fun things waiting for me as this month winds down. so, it’s time to live in the here & now. time to soak up the present moment asRead More

it was more than a house. it was a home.

16 Oct 2012 Atlantic Beach, NC

this is a tough post to write. i have moved a lot in my life. so, i’ve said goodbye to many houses, many homes. and each one has left me wiping a few tears from my eyes as i closed the door for the last time. it’s a really emotional thing for me to move, to leave a home behind. on the one hand, i always feel deep sadness because so many memories have been made within the walls ofRead More

when your heart aches, it’s time to refocus.

i want to be here more than anything right now. and i want to be doing this with these people (and a few more). but, it’s not possible for me to go home to north carolina this summer. lina & i discussed it today, and we are aching to go there. longing to heal this hurting that is deep in our hearts. and while our minds are dreaming of this place, we know that we will be staying here. so,Read More

fav pics of fav places.

the challenge was to find a favorite picture. but, i, of course could not find A favorite picture… but several. and i stuck with a theme. some of my favorite instagram pictures that i have taken of favorite places. here we go… a sunset of where i come from in north carolina. atlantic beach. one of the best cities anywhere. asheville.  my family & my parents’ home at atlantic beach.  i heart nyc. my love having morning coffee at oneRead More



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