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open hearts? no. open minds? no. open doors? no. open wounds? yes!

friends, it’s happening again. love is on trial. you know, when people get together and begin to decide who is right and who is wrong. who gets to love whom. who gets to get married and to whom. and, in this case, who gets to do the marrying. if you don’t know this already, here..

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“a closet is no place for a person to truly live.”

ok. this is just freaking awesome. it’s one of those amazing TED talks, motivational and inspiring talks & videos that make their way around the internet. takes the time to watch this, laugh and listen. and then, perhaps together we can begin to think more about all the things that connect us, instead of the..

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same love.

watch this video, and then read on…  most of y’all know that even though lina and i are legally married, our marriage is not legal or recognized in north carolina (where we now live) because in this southern state, marriage is specifically defined and written into our nc government as being only between one man..

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