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having an expat moment.

forgive me, but i must share a little bit of my american pride. even though i’m way over here in sweden, i made sure to sit myself down in front of this computer screen i’m typing on right now in order to watch the 57th presidential inauguration in the USA today. fun fact: i learned..

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do you ever wonder who you are?

  thanks to my blogging/twitter friend, alarna, i got a little distracted the other day. she tweeted this link, and i, of course, clicked on it and got immersed in all the silly craziness. you have got to give it a whirl! come on, admit that you enjoy hunting down & reading about “the type..

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i just can’t stop.

it’s gonna be a big year. exciting. potentially dream-making. i have no idea how, i just know it. if you don’t understand what i’m saying. it’s ok. neither do i. it’s just a feeling i have. intuition. i just know that, come what may, all will be well. and so, i just can’t stop posting..

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