nickel creek in asheville!


IMG_1375it’s been almost 2 weeks since my love and i got to share a super, great, amazing evening. i’ve been dying to write about it and share it with you all – but, to be honest, i’ve just been riding high ever since and haven’t been able to write about it… until now!

about two weeks ago, one of my very favorite (ever!) groups came to asheville. and i freaked out! i had to go!

nickel creek is a bluegrass group – but not your typical bluegrass band. they are edgy, dark, hopeful, pensive, crazy, energetic, and inspiring all wrapped up into one group. but, more importantly, the three members of the group are in-freaking-credible musicians. like, blow your mind incredible.

i have listened to their music and have had all of their albums over the years – and i even had a chance to see them in the historic, famous, amazing ryman auditorium in nashville back in 2007. that was a very bittersweet moment. it was their next to the last concert that they would perform together – they were breaking up.

still, their music has sustained and inspired me in very poignant and deep ways as i have made transitions in my life since 2007. but, they were all solo artists, so all i could do was listen to them and soak up the past.

then… the announcement came earlier this year that they were coming back together for a tour and a new album. i cannot even begin to express the excitement i felt!! and, of course, i had to buy tickets. lina (who had also become a fan of them after we met – their music has spanned our relationship) and i were going to go see them!

so, i bought tickets to the same auditorium, ryman, in nashville and we were all set! but, soon, we saw that they were coming to asheville!!!! so, i sold my tickets to the ryman and bought tickets to the thomas wolfe auditorium right here in my very own backyard!

and on thursday, april 17, my love and i went to see nickel creek – live! their tour had started just the day before, so asheville was the second stop. and it was freaking amazing!! a magical, inspiring, hand to my heart, tears in my eyes, overwhelming night!


IMG_1410 IMG_1407



Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.26.24 PM
click on the photo above to hear some nickel creek amazingness! this was the first song of the concert. so exciting!

during the concert, they played an awesome mix of old favorites sprinkled with some of their new ones. here’s one of my favorite songs from their new album, a dotted line. actually, i believe that this whole album is amazing – it has quickly become my favorite one that they have recorded. loooove this song!

if you didn’t know about nickel creek, you do now. and i guarantee you are a better person for it. wink wink. so grateful for the chance to see them & i can’t wait to see them again! now, go listen to some bluegrass, folks!

rock on. xx

what are you doing new year’s eve?


well, that’s a wrap. the last day of 2013 is upon is, and i don’t know about you, but i am ready for some serious celebrating! this year i wanna get dressed up and be all fancy & girly. i wanna dance and go to a party and ring in the new year with people all around me.

i think i’m in such a celebratory mood because 2013 has been oh so generous to me… well, my love and i have worked for it, but we’ve also expected and envisioned it. so, as we dreamed and believed, we also acted and the universe opened door after door, showering us with amazing moments. and i want to celebrate all of that. i want to shout to the world, and spread extra joy today to everyone i meet… because i am so grateful and blessed. it’s time to try to give back a little of the amazingness that has been given to me in 2013. it’s truly time to celebrate.


all of the serious, soul-searching, reflection is done. last night i spent a few hours with candles lit, a glass of wine by my side, pens and journals open, and my soul-touching playlist playing. i reflected on the past year and envisioned and planned for the new one. i wrote on the last page of my 2013 journal and then put it away, with all of my other journals. it was a very special and meaningful ritual. but, now, these end of the year rites of passage have been completed, so the only thing left to do is dance & drink champagne!

as you read this, i am either currently on my way or already in atlanta, georgia to celebrate new year’s eve with some friends – lanie (a blogging buddy) and her girl, charlie. my love and i hit the road early, because we’ve got shopping, exploring, eating, drinking, and having fun to do before we meet up with the girls in the afternoon to begin our celebrations. and, boy do we have some celebrations planned! it’s gonna be so great! the perfect cap to one of the most amazing years (with plenty of both ups & downs) of my life.

here’s to 2014! here’s to turning 40 this year! here’s to living life & feeling alive! 

so, my friends, what are you doing for new year’s eve? 

i just had to. they’re so cute.

wishing you the happiest of new years! bring on 2014! 

peace and love. xx

celebrating the weekend with some new music.


i just have to share with you some amazing music that i have discovered this week. and they both just happen to be north carolina-born groups. one tip is from an old favorite of mine, the avett brothers (which you have probably heard me mention before). and one tip is about a group (two chicks) who lina and i saw (for the first time) in concert at a local pub downtown this past tuesday, tina and her pony. both are amazing. and they have seriously been on repeat in my car, on my phone, everywhere. all week long.

aaaaand, it is the perfect music for a little road trip down to raleigh, nc. my love and i are here, in raleigh, for the north carolina state fair – a must-do experience every fall, if you’re in the state. and something i’ve done every year of my life that i’ve lived in nc.

so, i bid you a happy saturday, folks! i’m gonna get my ferris-wheelin’, exhibit-goin’, fried food eatin’, farm & agricultural groove on today. but, first a little music to get me going! a day to celebrate nc!

peace, love, and rock & roll.