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a little attitude ain’t bad.

12 Jan 2012 life

it’s “no alarm thursday” and you know what that means? it means that when this post posts itself to my blog in the morning (since i’m writing it wednesday night), i will still be cuddly & snuggly under my covers, completely in the middle of some deep sleep. it also means that i’m gonna have a little attitude when i finally do wake up… i kinda feel like shaking my head, snapping my fingers (3 snaps in a z-form. doesRead More

a little music makes the world go ’round.

10 Jan 2012 culture + art

perhaps the tiny bit of snow that fell last night & seems to be sticking around throughout the day has inspired me. perhaps i’m just in a good mood. perhaps i’m a little bit excited about being in the states THIS TIME NEXT WEEK! perhaps, i’m just feeling good, or i’m over tired. whatever it is, but i’m being uncharacteristically productive today. and i like it. the only thing is, i’m having a little bit of music ADD right now… can’tRead More

everything old is new again.

8 Jan 2012 life, norrköping

yesterday i mentioned that i went to a baby’s name-giving service (like a baptism, but not) in an old swedish building. the building, now owned by the city, was built in the mid-1700s in a place which, back then, would have most definitely been the country-side of norrkoping. now, i would say that it is within the city limits, though of course not in the middle of downtown. the sign outside the door read that it was first used asRead More

girl’s night.

7 Jan 2012 life

it’s late & the neighbor has some friends over… for what i would call “girl’s night karaoke”. it just so happens that her living room wall is our bedroom wall, so it seems like i’m gonna be serenaded to sleep tonight. at least they’re not that bad. plus, it’s fun to hear them having a good time. on our side of the wall, we’ve had a girl’s night too. our pre-teen niece came late this afternoon to have a littleRead More

a song about life.

1 Jan 2012 culture + art

i could not be more satisfied, content, & happy on this new year’s day: snow is falling down outside my window. all 3 of us are snuggled down on the sofa. i’m feeling creative. candles are lit. all is quiet & peaceful. life is beautiful right now, in this moment. ♥ my song for the day. it’s playing over & over in my head. It takes a crane to build a crane It takes two floors to make a storieRead More



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