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24 Dec 2011 life, north carolina

it’s the night before christmas eve, and there are only a few hours left before the  holiday craziness is in full swing. i must admit, though, that tonight i’m feeling a bit like a child about the burst from excitement! as i may have said before, the big celebration in sweden happens on christmas eve, so tomorrow feels like christmas day for me… and that makes tonight christmas eve!! in the morning, we’ll open our stocking gifts & then we’llRead More

christmas-time. i absolutely ♥ this day.

22 Dec 2011 life, norrköping

it finally arrived. my first of 5 days off in a row. weeeee! and, oh what a day it has been! full of christmas-y things to get me into the spirit. i carried my phone with me throughout the day (as usual), and ended up clicking pictures everywhere i went. so, here’s a little peek into some christmas-time magic from norrköping, sweden. enjoy!  the christmas tree peeking out from behind the bedroom door this morning.  hello from me on thisRead More

a kiss is just a kiss.

22 Dec 2011 culture + art, lbgtq

in the united states navy, whenever a ship comes back into its home port, there is always a lottery on board among the sailors & their loved ones back home. what are they betting on? the first kiss, of course! the winner of the lottery, one lucky sailor, gets to disembark from the ship first, walk on the dock, & greet his or her loved one with a kiss… the official first kiss, which is always a public event. whenRead More

surrounded by darkness.

it’s here. the longest night of the year. today is the winter solstice in the northern hemisphere of the world. the shortest day of the year, which means that there is more darkness today than any other. feels like the darkness is trying to take over and that the light is being suffocated like a candle being snuffed out. up here in sweden, the light did not begin to creep into the day until 9 in the morning. and thenRead More

happy monday!

19 Dec 2011 life

on my way to work this morning, there lay a little bit of snow on the ground. beautiful, huh? have a great day! it’s almost christmas! peace.



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