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the last day.

22 Jun 2011 life

today i finished my swedish course!!! and it feels amazing and sad all at the same time. every time something changes, something ends or something new begins, i have to take it all in. i need to reflect on all that has happened. but, there’s no time for that today… our vacation begins tomorrow!!! ♥ (well i did crash my old classes’ party before i left the school. hehe). but now, it’s on to new things. laundry & packing! thanksRead More

love on trial.

21 Jun 2011 culture + art, lbgtq

i never made it all the way through the process of ordination in the United Methodist Church, as many of you know. but, one woman, rev. amy delong, did. we have some things in common. we both feel called to be ordained ministers in the UMC. we both have committed, loving relationships with women, and we both have experienced the sting of legalism over love. however, rev. delong, knows much more than i. she is an ordained minister in theRead More

would you like some cheese with your w(h)ine?

20 Jun 2011 life

one of the things I love about being an international, bi-lingual couple is the opportunity to teach each other sayings & phrases in our home languages. tonight, my love wanted something or was complaining about something, and she said my name: liiiiiiiiiizz. i immediately teased her with the phrase “would you like some cheese with your whine?” then i realized we had never talked about that phrase, so i explained it. she always gets this cute, little smile on herRead More

happy father’s day! (USA)

more than 5 but less than 10 years ago (= i was definitely an adult) i was in atlanta, georgia. my parents were there too. we were walking on the streets of downtown and needed to cross the street. but, being the big city, we knew we had to push the “walk” button and wait patiently. while we were waiting, i turned around and saw that my dad had wandered away a bit. what the heck was he doing? iRead More

funny, but so true.

18 Jun 2011 culture + art, lbgtq

picture: thanks to the blog of ice cream is better with a fork. happy saturday! peace out, sisters & brothers.



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