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happy father’s day! (USA)

more than 5 but less than 10 years ago (= i was definitely an adult) i was in atlanta, georgia. my parents were there too. we were walking on the streets of downtown and needed to cross the street. but, being the big city, we knew we had to push the “walk” button and wait patiently. while we were waiting, i turned around and saw that my dad had wandered away a bit. what the heck was he doing? iRead More

funny, but so true.

18 Jun 2011 culture + art, lbgtq

picture: thanks to the blog of ice cream is better with a fork. happy saturday! peace out, sisters & brothers.

morning pep!

15 Jun 2011 culture + art

good morning, beautiful people of the world! this is an oldie, but definitely a goodie. and it’s my gift to all of you today. so, get up ! and remember, you are beautiful! or check it out on spotify. peace.

a cute moment.

14 Jun 2011 life

i skipped my swedish class today. yep. but i didnt sleep late. no, i got up and did 4 loads of laundry before my internship this afternoon. when i got to my favorite part – folding everything (read sarcasm into this), then my cutie kitty, zola, decided to climb into the empty laundry bag. do you think she was waiting for her cleaning?! hehe. i just wanna squeeze her all the time! hope your tuesday has been good! peace.

at the table. again. (update!)

if you have ever eaten with me, you may have noticed that i usually finish last. as a kid, i remember my family eating and then beginning to clear the table when they were done. my mom began washing dishes, my dad began putting away the food. everyone was moving around the kitchen and i was sitting at the table. just left there. ok. the whole being left at the table thing wasn’t as traumatic as i may have madeRead More



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