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sweden, i ♥ you.

6 Jun 2011 life

seeing as i live in sweden now, speak swedish, and have a general all-around love for swedish things & people, i celebrated sweden’s national day today outside in the amazing weather with all other good swedes! i ♥ you, sweden! you’ve been so good to me!

you ordered a mini-vacation? comin’ right up!

2 Jun 2011 ireland, life

we’ve got a 5 day weekend! time to sit back and relax. time to do things that i don’t have time to do otherwise. like paint my nails. hang out in nature. stay up late & sleep late.  just be… and there’s gonna be plenty of fun and “being” together also during this mini-vacation. we’ve got friends coming to visit! our friend, n, and her boyfriend are flying in tonight from ireland ( n is swiss & now lives inRead More

eat carrots when you can’t figure it out.

2 Jun 2011 ireland, life

ugh. i’ve been trying to write this blog post all freaking day. and i have had all freaking day to write because it’s a red day here in sweden = we don’t work or go to school. it’s a holiday! what holiday, you ask? kristi himmelfärdsdag. otherwise known as ascension day, in english. and what exactly is that many of you may wonder… well, that was one of the things i was going to write about. i’ve had this little blogRead More

good news.

2 Jun 2011 life

after 5 and a half months, i have completed my swedish for immigrants classes! yeah! it has been an amazing time, with an amazing opportunity to meet some friends from all over the world that i know i will keep for life. and, of course, a chance to learn swedish. hehe. i can’t believe i am done. gaaahhh. i am so lucky. i’ve had so much support and so many opportunities to learn. but, it’s done. i’ve accomplished this firstRead More

det blir bättre.

29 May 2011 culture + art, lbgtq

sometimes there are good programs on tv. important ones. ones that can make a difference. tonight lina and i watched the last episode of  “det blir bättre” (it gets better). for the past 6 weeks this show has featured six people (one per episode) who have shared their stories, their experiences, and their struggles in life so that others might find a little hope. these 6 people have conquered their fears, battled the demons in their pasts, and come toRead More



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