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i’m rested and i’m ready.

it’s been a long time. too long. i have neglected my “from death to peace” story for many reasons. lack of time, lack of inspiration, the holidays, etc. well, perhaps it’s actually lack of priorities. but, i am back now (yay!) & ready to pick up where i last left off…saying goodbye to an amazing..

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what you’ll find in my instagram feed at twilight.

after a few rainy days, with temperatures hovering just above freezing, snow finally began to fall again this evening, covering the ground & the streets. and i am so so happy about it. i mean, if it’s gonna be cold and wintery, it might as well snow. otherwise it’s just cold & dreary. the snow..

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time flies when you’re having fun.

a lot has been going on. a lot of good stuff. too much to write about or photograph here & now. but, i have so much i want to write about. so many different posts in my head. so many things to say. gaaahh. it’s hard to keep up with everything. and it’s hard to..

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