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why i am not afraid of the dark

In the beginning of October, I wrote a little about moving forward after some intense changes in my life. You can read that post –> here. Here’s a summary: I began my Sat Nam Rasayan training (a form of kundalini yoga healing meditation). I got a job! Had three intense weeks of training, and worked my..

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i’ve got a feeling you’re gonna want to stay up late for this

there are some things that make me who i am that i get from my dad. my love of photography + documenting life. my love of driving, especially long distances. go ahead: challenge us. 8 hours? 10 hours? we are totally up for it. my weather obsession. there’s a tornado warning? oh, yeah. we will go and..

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finding our way in the dark: a solar eclipse + a new moon

it’s dark outside right now. not literally, of course, because i am typing this on saturday morning and, though it’s cloudy, the sun is up and my apartment is filled with a soft, gray light. but, it is a dark weekend. dark because we have a new moon and a solar eclipse happening throughout these..

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