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how an oak tree grows: a zen parable about awakening

4 Nov 2015 spirit + soul

hello, dear friends. it’s wednesday evening, and it’s already been pitch black dark for about 4 and a half hours. i’m snuggled under the blanket, curled up in the corner of the sofa. my love is putting a puzzle together on the floor, and we’re both trying to keep up with the current episode of “homeland” on our netflix screen. cozy, huh? we think so. hehe. anyway, i haven’t been blogging much this week. i’ve got lots on my mind.Read More

october’s super moon: set your intentions + release everything else

28 Oct 2015 la luna, spirit + soul

I had great intentions. I turned off the tv. Sat down at my computer on the desk. Lit a candle (my sign to myself that I am ready to get some shit done). And started making notes in my favorite moleskin notebook: grocery list, blog posts, halloween party preparations, book ideas… I got one little post done. I skipped over this one, knowing that it would be a little more to think about, and did the post which I wasRead More

here’s why i believe that if i can meditate, so can you.

21 Oct 2015 spirit + soul

i love meditating. and i hate it too. i love it when it feels good. when i feel like i get up from my mat + have had some amazing experience. i hate it when my mind goes crazy and i can’t focus. when all i think about is my grocery list or the traffic outside, and then i start dreaming about my next trip somewhere, suddenly realizing that i am in daydream land and nowhere near the present moment.Read More

// week forty two // why my mondays are my yin + yang

i thought about ending my monday posts where i look back on the week that just was. but, then it hit me. even though i may process and understand things differently from day to day, having this day every week, mondays, to gather all of my moments + thoughts together from the past week into one place, i find that i often understand things from a completely different point of view. it’s that hind sight is 20/20 thing. by letting myselfRead More

i think we need to learn to tuck the darkness in

i promise i’m not depressed. really. but, i did say that i was going to focus on trying to embrace the darkness that the month of october brings to sweden. i was going to let my soul go deep and just be. accepting that, for now at least, the darkness steals the light from our days. so, here i am with yet another blog post about darkness. however, i decided that i would allow myself this because we are now halfway throughRead More



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