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when life tells you to “evolve + be brave”

fuck. i’m pissed. at the universe. just when i truly was feeling that the energy around me was all about settling in, life threw me one of those unexpected curve balls last night when i got home. i came in and i saw immediately that my love was upset. a friend, who had been hanging..

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02.16 // a mixed tape for february to call us to get our brave on

happy february, guys! ready or not, it’s time for a new month, a new playlist, and a new theme. and i am very excited about this one. after january’s intention-setting days, i hope that we all feel a little focused + inspired + ready to move forward. i know, i sure do and am. speaking of..

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01.16 living intentionally // my solution to the resolution problem

i can excitedly report that this is the last post of january’s theme on intentional living. and, while i have absolutely enjoyed beginning this magical year of 2016 with this theme (oh, yes, i truly believe that 2016 is gonna be filled with magic), i am totally pumped about february’s theme – which begins next..

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