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28 Apr 2012 create + inspire

two-ish weeks ago i received 2 comments which notified me that i had won 2 different blog awards. wow! cool! well, it has been super busy in my life, and i have had blog posts & ideas for blog posts coming out my ears, so it is only now that i am finally getting around to responding to those awards. but, at least i’m doing it now. 1. the versatile blogger award. the fun american chick from NYC who now livesRead More

week 3: photo a day. april.

week three. done! and i’m still lovin’ this challenge. gives me something to look forward to each day – something creative & fun to add to my day. this week has been crazy busy, but i still managed to snap a shot every day. go me. i haven’t peeked at the challenges for next week, but i’m sure it’ll be fun. as always. for now, here comes week 3! day 15: sunset –  oh the pressure of waiting all dayRead More

passing on the love.

3 Apr 2012 create + inspire

the blogging world is amazing. i know there are some people who think that the whole internet/social media thing is out of control, and it definitely can become something that takes over your life, causing you to lose contact with everyday life. it is a fine art, balancing life online & life in reality. but, i think i am doing a pretty good job at it. at least i’m trying to. and, right now in my life, both my onlineRead More

last pics from march.

happy april 1st!! i don’t have any jokes for today, but I do have some pictures! no, not from my weekend trip, but from the last three days of march’s photo challenge. i’m riding the train home (cozy times!), but i must admit that i am feeling a little motion sickness. blah. so, i’m just gonna post the pics then close my eyes & enjoy the ride = try not to get sick. hehe. here ya go. day 29: feet.Read More



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