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reclaiming december // how to find your voice in these dark times

well, now we are here. deep inside our caves. it’s the 4th sunday in advent, the last sunday in advent, and it is very, very dark. the past three sundays have been marking our journey into the dark, and today we have reached the center. we are pretty much as far down and as deep as we are going to go. and now that we find ourselves in the very darkest, deepest part of our advent journey, the question is…Read More

reclaiming december // the mystery of the dark

when it’s dark, there are no details. no exacts or specifics. everything is formless. and in that formlessness lies the possibility of creation. what may be formed… well, that, my friends is a mystery. it’s the same as waking up on the first day of a new year. 365 days lie out in front of us, and what will happen during those days, how they will be filled, remains a secret. a mystery. it all must simply unfold. however, let’s be honest. that’s aRead More

reclaiming december // a dark new moon is just the beginning

f*uck it. let’s just do this already. things have been changing and crazy and tough and beautiful for the past 3 years. whatever was started during the holidays of 2012 is coming to a close now. there are clear bookends. in the new age/astrological/spiritual world, 2012 was the beginning of something, a great time of change, which would end right about now. and, amazingly, if i look at my life… that rings oh so very true. the beginning (2012) thisRead More

reclaiming december // i don’t believe in silence

it’s 10:30 pm and i am barely gonna squeeze in this second sunday in advent’s post before the day is over. and even though i’m exhausted, i just couldn’t let this day end without doing this post. and the night, the atmosphere, the mood seems just perfect for what i have to say. so, i listened to my inner self, went to turn off the christmas tree lights, and lo and behold, as i stood at the window for just aRead More

reclaiming december // here’s how to stop being afraid of the dark

it’s dark out there, friends. and sometimes i am really scared. for some of us, it is literally dark. december is upon us. the darkest time of the year has begun. nature has turned inward to hibernate until spring. yes, nature has slowed down… but have we? well, considering that we don’t usually like the dark and want to avoid it at all costs, we most likely have not slowed down, but sped ip. hoping to avoid this uncomfortable, cold, strangeRead More



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