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How I did Spring break this year: Family, food, drink, and culture

Kind of spontaneously, my brother decided to spend Spring Break in Sweden! Nick lives in Maine and has been working at a university in New Hampshire. So, when he decided that he’d take some time off (since he worked through the Christmas holidays when we were there), he thought he’s come for a visit. And..

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10 things i can’t wait to do during summer vacation in the states!

Today’s the day! After 1 and a 1/2 years, or 18 months, we are headed back to the States for our summer vacation!! And it’s gonna be FOUR WEEKS of good ole American bliss.  Lina and I get to hug a bunch of necks, catch up with tons of important people, enjoy all of the..

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the week that felt all over the place // 24

i don’t even know how to describe this past week. i mean, it feels like it was just a bunch of random, everyday stuff. and yet, it wasn’t just a bunch of random stuff. a lotta shit actually went down… globally + personally. it all began with the horrible shooting in orlando. i obsessively followed..

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