so, my friends, do you ever choose a word of the year? a word to focus on and help inspire you? if you haven’t embarked on this soul-searching, visioning, intention-setting journey, then i highly recommend it. and, if you have, then i invite you to join me again.

it is truly an inspiring and grounding thing to do. i highly encourage you to seek that word that seems to just well up from within you. if you slow down and listen just a bit, you will feel it + hear it.  there is one there. in all of us. just waiting for us to let it unfold and inspire you all year long.

it can be a passive word or an active word. something that helps you to slow down + focus inwardly or something that forces you outward + gives you energy. and, when you settle your soul just a bit, then you will know which kind of word is best for your upcoming year.

if you’re curious about and interested in this process, then i have a little mini-workshop for you. all it takes is a few intentional minutes set aside today and tomorrow for digging deep and listening softly. and, i guarantee that, in the end your soul will share with you a vision for your 2016.

here’s your chance to discover your word for 2016, if you want. we’ve got 2 days before the new year begins. so, we’ve got plenty of time. let’s get started!


find your word: part one

today we are going to envision our 2016,  make a list of possible words + let them sink into us.

// get quiet. find a quiet space alone for about 30 minutes. light a candle + grab a glass of your favorite drink. get ready to open your heart and set some intentions. be open. listen. breathe deep.

// create your vision. imagine how you want 2016 to look, what you want to be + do. think about your dreams and goals and wishes for the new year. write it all down, if you want. or make a collage. doodle. create. brainstorm and dream away…

// inward or outward. based on your thoughts from above, decide if you feel that 2016 is a year to focus on slowing down and looking inward or if it is a year to be more active and social and putting yourself out there.

// take note.  look over the lists of words below and notice 2 or 3 that seem to stand out at you. use them as a starting point to kind of get in the groove. don’t think about it or analyze it. go with your gut. remember, these are only a few words that are suggestions to get you thinking. use them, or pay attention to others that seem to pop up. just let them come to you.

// write it down. note on paper or in a journal any word that pops into your mind. gather about 3-5 possible words and let them sit there on the page. then, close your journal or put way the piece of paper. leave it alone and come back to it tomorrow.

examples of passive words:

nurture, be, rest, peace, spirit, heart, soul, magic, truth, light, calm, meditate, grounded, centered, breathe, simplicity, slow living, meaningful, zen, balance, honesty, love

examples of active words:

motivate, energy, focus, radiate, soar, grow, strength, change, flow, direction, create, travel, love, compassion, explore, brave, proclaim, manifest, balance, trust, freedom, bliss

tomorrow, i will lead you to make your final choice for your word for 2016. try not to stress about it. trust that your soul already knows exactly what you need. there can be no “wrong” word. however it appears or follows you throughout your year will be just how it needs to be. some years my word has changed throughout the year. some years it has felt just perfect. and some years, like this one, my word (empowered) has literally manifested and become real in my life.

now, go and let the words just roll around in your head. give them over to your heart. and move on to something else. tomorrow we will narrow it down and the perfect word (which may not even be one of the ones you chose to write down) will emerge. trust yourself. everything you need is already within you.

light + love + inspiration, my friends. xoxo

come back tomorrow to finalize your word, if you haven’t already. and i’ll also have some tips on how to keep your word with you throughout the year. you know, cause it’s so freaking easy to just forget about it. am i right?!