Mondays are crazy, aren’t they? And, if you’re at all like me, they leave you feeling hopeful, energized, motivated, depressed, tired, and anxious all at the same time. And that’s just a regular Monday. 

But, today… today is no regular Monday in my family. 

Today my wife goes back to work after a year of being on the “sick list”. She decided to step back from work a year ago in order to focus on her health. If you don’t know, she’s been dealing with an eating disorder for years, and this past year she has been in some pretty intense treatment all day, every day. Of course, a year ago, we had no idea how things would go or how long she’s be away from work. 

Today, however, marks the first day that she heads to work since she started her treatment. 

She’s gonna work two hours a day for a while, so she can slowly ease back into it. And her treatment, while it looks different now, will continue. Recovering from an eating disorder takes a long, long time. So she is choosing to contour to let it take the time that it will take. Because she wants to be free. 

But, what I want to focus on today is how proud of her I am. She has fought… hard to get where she is. She has (and still does) faced one tough moment after another, but she just stares all of these challenges in the face and kicks their asses. Somehow she summons all of her courage, and her love of life, and chooses minute by minute to take her life back. 

I have never seen anything like it before. Never had the pure joy to being so close to someone and to watch them work so hard for something – and what I see in my love is that she is beginning to truly, really create her life to be what she wants it to be. 

So, this Monday is no regular day in my family. 

It’s a wonderful day, a day to celebrate my love’s step into the next phase of her recovery, and a step for us together toward continuing to live and celebrate our life to the fullest. 

I sure do hope that you guys have a beautiful Monday – and whatever you face, know that deep inside you is all of the courage and bad ass energy that you need to make your dreams come true. 

Here’s to life! Here’s to my wife, Lina! 

xoxo. liz. 

You can read all about my love and her fight for life on her blog –> here