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one last post from downtown.


well. that’s it. it’s empty. clean. and ready for it’s next tenants. it feels a bit weird, but it feels oh so good. there are a lot of memories in these walls from the first 3 years of our marriage & living together. i know, though, that it’s time to move on. and i am ready. i just had to do one more little post from our little downtown apartment before i shut the door behind me. one more afternoon, alone with these walls & floor. one more chance to soak up the views of the rooftops & sky up above and feel the heartbeat of the city down below.

goodbye, little home. thank you for giving me a place to lay my head, a place to create & write, and a place to just be. thank you for being my first home in sweden.

i’m ready now.

peace and love from the home we called “two chicks & a cat”.

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  1. This is it, Liz & Lena!

    Much good wishes to you both as you traverse the globe & settle in to your new state-side abode. I think of sweet Zola & worry for her making the trip…I know how hard air travel is on our furry-friends.

    I saw your post about ideas for your blog & I’ve been so busy I never got to reply to it. Maybe this week.

    You two take care & rest up, yeah? You’ll need your sleep & strength coming up soon. 🙂

  2. When moments overwhelm, (and they will!) lean on one another…and laugh. Life is short, savor every delicious moment!! xoxo

    • liz liz

      We are truly lucky to have each other… and our sweet little cat too. We will hold on! Thank you for your comment! xo

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