Hello! ↠ I’m Liz. ☽ In 2007, I got divorced, quit my job, sold everything, and, a year later, fell in love with my best friend, Lina. After marrying her + moving to Sweden, this space was created as a way to document my life as an American expat.  Over the years, it has continued to be a place where I share my adventures, experiences, and musings; but it has now evolved into the platform from which I share my passion for creating a slow, mindful + meaningful life.

As a contemplative soul coach + mystic, I inspire others to discover + create their own life of meaning + magic by sharing stories of mine. My work is grounded in the belief that we are created to live an authentic life, free to be ourselves; and I share my own journey to this freedom of bliss to inspire you on yours. So, grab a cup of coffee or a yummy drink + settle in. It’s so nice to have you here! ✺

all that i need.

13 May 2011 life

she is my rock. my home. my love. my everything.

hide or dive?

13 May 2011 Uncategorized

there comes a point in an immigrant’s life when you no longer are visiting the new country in which you find yourself. the honeymoon is over. there comes a time when all of the sudden you realize that you have become part of society. you no longer live as an outsider, but face real life in your new country. i have no idea how long it is until you reach this point for most people, but for me, it tookRead More

i’m not setting the alarm.

12 May 2011 life

thursday night and i’m ready for bed. and ready for the weekend! that’s right. the weekend begins now. and yes, that means that i’m gonna skip class tomorrow. woo hoo! (don’t judge me. hehe). the week (the past 2 weeks actually) has been super busy, but good. and now, finally, it’s time to take it easy for a few days. well, fairly easy. we have a lot to do, but it’s all fun stuff! hopefully i will also find someRead More

full speed ahead.

11 May 2011 life

it’s really busy this week. guess i’m gonna go full speed ahead from now until my summer vacation begins (in 6 weeks!!!!) but, its all good! i was talking with lina yesterday about the crazy irony that for 7 months we had no resources ($) and plenty of time; and now, we have some money & no time. seriously, isn’t there a balance somewhere?! though i wouldn’t change a thing about our cozy, stay at home winter. and i’m sureRead More

thank you, monday.

10 May 2011 life

a little recap of monday: warm, beautiful weather a productive day at school (a rare thing these days. hehe.) working with young adults, working with lina, & learning swedish all combined into one super fun internship! beer outside in the sun at our favorite pub after work/internship a chance to take pictures a chat with my brother & sister-in-law our swiss friend who lives in ireland may come visit us in sweden in june. yay!! only 6 more mondays tillRead More



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