when we move back to the states in july, i will be so excited to be able to drive a car again! the freedom that it gives me allows me to be spontaneous. and i can’t wait for that. of course, we absolutely must have a car in the states. there is no other way to get around. yeah, a car is required in order to move about within a city and from one city to another.

but, i wish i had the option of choosing public transportation or my car – and by public transportation, i mean, transportation that is available more frequently and does not involve putting your life into your own hands. alas, the states is not equipped with a train system, or buses that run frequently & in many places, or subways that take you across cities underground – except in the largest cities. yep. a car is the main, mandatory mode of transportation in the states.

which means, that i am going to miss all of the fabulous transportation systems in place throughout europe. i love being able to walk places, hop on a bus, and step onto a train or subway and whisk myself all over a city. or even from city to city.

of course, i love flying too. especially take off & landing. which makes me the complete opposite of my love. hehe.

i discovered this past weekend that berlin is a place that runs because of it’s transportation system. though, it may not be the most reliable/on-time system. well, at least that’s how i experienced it this weekend. but, still, i loved it. hopping on the train & the subway. waiting for the bus – even if it was 30 minutes in the freezing cold at night. feeling the vibe of the city. people moving constantly about. sharing spaces with strangers. encountering musicians who roam around playing randomly in a subway or in the station. scooting all over the city with ease. observing and imagining what fellow travelers are doing. gaaahh. i love it.

i love it so much, i decided to take tons of pictures of what it’s like to get around in berlin. so, here comes theme #2: planes, trains, & automobiles. berlin style.

sunrisemap gesineby car by subway subway dancing people watching train street sign stop light where are ?we trains alexanderplatz waiting hello above the clouds


so, where are you going today? are you taking a car? a train? a plane? a subway? going on foot? or on a horse? or are you staying home?

wherever you go, may peace & love follow you always.