weekends are for catching up.

what could be better than having a very lazy summer saturday morning in your new home, enjoying a yummy breakfast, blogging away, seeing the love of your life sitting beside you, having a cute kitty snuggled up at your feet, and “watching” reruns of beverly hills, 90210 on the tube in the background? seriously. pretty damn near perfect, right? or perhaps i’m just a lover of the simpler things in life… i hope i am. i strive to be that kind of person.

in any case, this weekend has gotten off to a fabulous start. and that’s following a pretty awesome week too. sometimes i feel like i’m just going to burst from being overwhelmed by my life.

at the same time, as i enjoy the moments here in asheville, i find myself thinking about those of you, my friends & family, back in sweden. i miss you. and i cherish all of the memories that i have… feeling excitement already about the time when we will see each other again.

but, since i’ve been up to so many different things this week here in the states, i thought i’d update y’all on what’s been going on. so, here we go!

monday: got my iphone back (after it took a little swim in the ocean last week). and went to a protest. you can read about that amazing experience here! and found out, thanks to @murderingtime on instagram (one of my original IG buddies), that my belovelive photo journey now has passed 2000 uploaded photos by people from all over the world! you can see them all here.

photo a day


a little postcard i got in the mail all the way from australia! it’s a greeting from @murderingtime. see how amazing instagram is?!

tuesday: we took care of our bonus-niece for the afternoon. love that girl! love her whole family!


bella and the owl.

wednesday: stayed home all day & took care of business = emails, applications, blogging. cozy, fun stuff. at least that’s how i feel about it.

cozy work space

thursday: drank lots of coffee. yes, i usually drink alot. but this day was an unusually large amount. hehe. met with a journalist/blogger at a downtown asheville cafe for a networking session. we discussed my blog, writing, what my niche is, and just got to know each other a bit. sent out more applications (mostly teaching gigs).

world coffee

friday: well, it was a top-notch, amazing, one of my fave days back in asheville so far, kinda day! and i’ve got tons of photos to show you. ready?


the sunrise from our balcony.


meditating outside. on said balcony. it doesn’t get more inspiring!


after the premiere workout session in our gym, we had the premiere dip in the pool!


no i did not get another… our friend, jessica, got her first! yay! (but i did make plans for my 40th birthday next year. hehe).

the gourmet chip company

made a stop at the gourmet chip company downtown for an afternoon snack. YUM.

the girls

happy girls. that’s jessica in the middle. she’s extra happy with her new tat.

asheville tourists

time for the great american pastime: a baseball game!!


bella’s first baseball game. and lina’s second. my 1000th.

play ball!

the national anthem is over… play ball!

baseball game fireworkssaturday is well underway now, and i’ve enjoyed my morning and am ready to move on to a few errands and then perhaps another dip in the pool this afternoon. tough life, huh? but, in my defense, it’s still summer… and i have a few things/plans underway next week on the job front. wink wink. you’ll have to wait fro another blog post to hear about that.

until then, have a fantastic weekend. take some time to breathe/meditate/be/listen. and seek out ways to be aware and present in the moments that you are given.

all my love & peace.


red, white, and woo hoo!

i celebrated the fourth of july with a few fellow americans in sweden for the first time this year. fun! of course, i have celebrated every year one way or another… last year was extra special. anyway, it was a fun evening last night, so i thought i’d give you a little peek into our celebrations! hoping all you americans had a happy 4th! warning: there are more american flags than one should have around them at any given time…


we stuck flags in our bags. hehe.






our hosts. american on the left!!







happy weekend to each of you! TGIF! peace out.

having an expat moment.

forgive me, but i must share a little bit of my american pride. even though i’m way over here in sweden, i made sure to sit myself down in front of this computer screen i’m typing on right now in order to watch the 57th presidential inauguration in the USA today. fun fact: i learned how to spell “inauguration” correctly today. it’s a tricky, weird word.

anyway. it’s been a good day for the states, in my opinion. i was so excited about the second inauguration of president obama for today! i had a feeling it was going to be powerful & touching ceremony. and sure, enough, as soon as the ceremony started, all of my american-ness welled up in me, made a lump in my throat, and fell down my cheeks in the form of tears. as i watched the whole thing unfold before my eyes on my screen, i was moved & inspired time & time again. from the beautiful, long opening prayer to james taylor’s simple song to the amazingly realistic poem (by a hispanic gay, btw) to kelly clarkson & beyonce’s powerful music to obama’s stirring, uplifting, ground-breaking speech. all of it was amazing.

i just have to share one thing, that directly affects me, that obama said today in his speech. he took the notion of and the belief in equality even farther than it has ever been taken before in a presidential speech on inauguration day:

“It is now our generation’s task to carry on what those pioneers began. For our journey is not complete until our wives, our mothers, and daughters can earn a living equal to their efforts. Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law — for if we are truly created equal, then surely the love we commit to one another must be equal as well.”

beautiful, huh? and so promising! things are changing. i believe it.

yep. today i am a proud ex-pat – not just because of the above statement, but for everything that being an american living in swedent means to me. yes, i’m feeling a bit homesick. a bit nostalgic. a lot of hope. and so very blessed to call two countries, which i admire, home. but today… today, i devote all of my pride to my home land, the place where i was born. the country which holds my past & my heart. the place where i first learned about diversity, acceptance, carefree spirits, opportunity, and beauty – and what it means to be a well-rounded citizen of, not only the us, but the entire world. today, i dedicate all my thoughts, hopes, dreams, & prayers to the place from where i come, the place that made me who i am. the place that taught me to fly… the united states of america.

and that’s how it ended. whoa. over the top flood of emotions enveloped me, so i grabbed my love, and our german friend, and headed out to a new bar & food place for some dinner & beer to do our own kind of international celebrating. and we did just that.

happy inauguration day, americans! hope & peace.