helloooo, july.

happy first of july to all you wonderful people out there. in sweden, the sun is shining, the air is warm, and the birdies are chirping. however, i’m still stuck in my bed… blogging, reading, and watching a mini ally mcbeal marathon. re-living the first season and laughing my ass off at ally’s quirkiness. lazy multitasking at its best.

don’t worry, i will make it outside pretty soon. gonna meet a friend for a walk and perhaps some fika. who am i kidding? i live in sweden, the land of perpetual fikas and it just happens to be something i love to do as well… share a cafe visit with a friend. of course i’m gonna have fika somewhere.

i’ve been working all morning on creating a compilation of my june instagram pictures… last month i had prinstagram make one for me, and i just saved it to my computer & posted it here. but, they have updated their website and now there is no way to preview your “poster” before you pay for it. ugh. so, i had to create one on my on. it took a while, but… success!

and here’s a little sneak peak for you of what’s coming in july… but not everyday. you’ll have to check back on sundays. i’m only posting once a week, but i’m working on making my pictures a little different. of course, if you want to see my pictures daily, you can follow me on instagram. i’m @lizslens. and check out my post from yesterday if you want the july photo challenges so you can join in the photo fun!

hope you have a fantastic sunday & that the sun is shining wherever you are!

peace out from sweden.

day 4: fun! let’s lighten the mood.

after some days of some pretty heavy stuff, i thought i’d share this post… a combo of my instagram photo challenge pics from april and a little tip on how you can get in on the fun. i’m in desperate need of something light & fun right now. so, here are some things that made me very happy throughout the month of april.

thanks to the creative blogger at fatmumslim, i have now figured out how to make a collage of photos from my instagram pictures. and it’s super easy. so, if you have instagram & wanna join in the creative fun, here’s a little how to.

  1. visit printsgram
  2. log into your instagram account (upper right corner of the page)
  3. choose which poster layout you would like = how many pics you want in the collage
  4. name your collage
  5. drag your photos into the poster/collage. they are across the bottom of the page, so it’s easy to see & choose which ones you want.
  6. after you’ve finished that, click create
  7. download your pdf collage to your computer. or right click & save to your desktop. or if you have a mac, just drag the photo to your desktop (this ensures that the pic isn’t so huge. downloading the pdf makes the pic bigger).
  8. post your collage where you want. you may want/need to resize or “save for web” in photoshop for the best quality.
  9. if you want your collage printed, just follow the instructions to order. otherwise, creating the collage is free! and easy!

hope you enjoy. happy friday, dear readers.

sending you thoughts of happiness and peace.