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the week that really f*cking sucked // 43

finally. october is almost over. i’ve never had anything against october, friends. in fact, i’ve often loved this month because of the beauty of the turning of the seasons. but, this year… it has been very gloomy. and this week… well, it has been the epitome of tough. if you listened to our podcast this..

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the week that i had to look for the beauty // 41

i have a confession. for as much as i say that it’s up to us to make ordinary days extraordinary, and that it’s the regular old days that are actually all of the sacred moments, sometimes, in the middle of those days, it’s hard to see it. i had a rather unbelievable september, and i..

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no, we do not feel guilty about our tv // episode #8

Hello + Happy Friday! Finally, right?! I have to say that this week seemed to drag on. Things are super busy during the day… so busy that I find myself struggling for energy at night. However… that makes for the perfect opportunity to enjoy dark, cozy evening at home. Give this week’s podcast a listen..

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