minimal movement.

this is pretty much all the #movement (photo challenge word today) i had today. seriously. remember how i said that swedes celebrate important holidays on the eve before the actual day (christmas eve, easter saturday, midsummer’s eve)? well on the actual day there’s not that much going on. it’s kinda like new year’s day. everyone is recovering from new year’s eve. you get my drift. well, i was not hung over or anything, but i was still tired. so just like most people, i haven’t done much moving around at all today. just my little moving hair photo shoot.

ok. i did walk downstairs & outside to our little backyard for an hour or so today… just to say i’d been outside.

and then i took a very short, 2 minute walk to our neighborhood pizzeria for the usual. everyone else had the same idea. also typical for the day after the holiday eve celebrations: pizza and lordagsmys (cozy saturday = movies, candy, chips, popcorn).

and now, some saturday night movies. not the most exciting day, but quite relaxing. and hey, summer has begun now. it’s time to take things a little bit easier, right?

how was your saturday? one more weekend day to go. yes!


week 4: march instagram pics.

it’s the last week & i have had so much fun finding things to photograph for the march photo a day challenge. and i must say, i am super proud of myself for actually following through every single day – something i never, ever do. so, it’s actually a big thing for me. ok. too much talk. time for pics.

day 22: kitchen sick

 this is not my kitchen sink. but it is my dream one. a little bit modern. a little bit country.

day 23: animalzola loves this box. to sit in, sleep in, chew on, tear up. she sounds like a puppy, huh?

day 24: moon ironically, there was no moon on this night. so i cheated & used a pic that i took a few mornings earlier.

day 25: breakfast the breakfast of champions… when you’re in a hurry.

day 26: keys got my keys & my headphones. ready to walk home from work after a long day.

day 27: your (my) name as i was killing some time in a book store, i ran across an author who i share the same first name with: elizabeth. i snapped a shot & promised myself that one day, my first & last name will be on a book cover standing on a shelf in a book store. yep.

day 28: trash i kissed lina goodbye & she handed me a trash bag. so i took out the trash this morning on my way to work… like a good, little wife. this is our little trash house in our apartment building’s backyard. cute, huh? for a trash house.

only 3 days left in the photo challenge & then it’s april. i’m all ready to go! join along, if you want! i use my iPhone & instagram to take the pictures, and then i post them here on my blog. but, you can use your camera or phone & post them on twitter, your blog, Facebook, pinterest, or some other social media. if you are gonna use a hash tag so we can all see each others’, then use this one: #photoadayApril. it’ll be good to start a new month, with new inspirations. you can be sure i’ll be totally into it come sunday. hehe! but, i’ve still got 3 more march pics to do. you’ll see them later this weekend.

well, it’s wednesday – my super long & busy day. so, it’s time to let my head hit the pillow. sweet dreams to all of you out there. goodnight.