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follow me [and lots of other cool people] on bloglovin

morning, friends! i was wondering… have you ever heard of Bloglovin? it’s a great website where you can discover and follow blogs. once you follow a blog, it shows up in your Bloglovin feed (Bloglovin’s word for reader) along with all of the others newest + latest posts of all of the blogs you follow. and now, my website, is on Bloglovin! yay!

i’ve been a part of Bloglovin before, but with the switch to a self-hosted website in the past week, my previous belovelive link on Bloglovin does not work anymore. none of my new posts here show up there. so, i created a new link on bloglovin. what that means is that if you were following me on bloglovin before, you need to go to my profile and follow me again to make sure you are following the correct blog. make sense? you can tell that you have the correct blog because you can see this post as one of the posts in your feed/on my profile page.

in any case, for all of you (new to Bloglovin or old pros), just click on the image in the sidebar to the left that looks like a drawing of a woman. then, you’ll be directed to Bloglovin and can follow me, getting updates of all of my posts as soon as i post them in your feed (reader). easy peasy, huh?

you can also find a direct link to my profile: –>  here}

hope to see you there! until then, happy blogging + reading! and, of course, if you have any questions, just leave me a comment + i’ll do what i can to help you out!


light + love xx



sharing is caring

there are a couple of things i have been thinking about lately. one, a little selfish and narcissistic, and the other, much more loving and outside of myself. let’s get the narcissism out of the way first.

i’m pondering what’s happening with my blog. the comments and likes have seemed to drop off so far in 2014. and when that happens, i begin to question what i’m doing and writing. am i doing something wrong? am i boring? or is this normal? i also end up getting “tagging anxiety” after i write every post. can nobody find my blog because i am a sucky tagger? what about you all? does this happen on your blog – have you ever experienced a lull in comments and likes? and do you freak out about it – and begin to question yourself? clearly, i’m not handling myself well.

you know, my readership/views are generally the same (= good), it’s just that i’ve got no interaction going on right now. and i really miss that.


which leads me to the second thing I’ve been thinking about…

yesterday, i ran across a new-to-me blog that had an interesting link in her top menu. it was called “random kindness blog tour”. intrigued, i clicked on it. and, lo and behold, as i read the post (read it for yourself here), i became more and more a fan of what the author was proposing.

at the beginning of 2014, the author committed to discover & read one new blog per day throughout the whole year. and then to comment on it and add it to her ongoing list of blogs. but, these blogs aren’t just any blogs. the author, meg, has chosen to only include blogs that are positive and uplifting. so, in a sense, she is paying forward the effort of all the authors of all the blogs she discovers who are trying to create positivity and inspiration on their blogs. and by doing this, meg, is not only finding new people who inspire her, but linking all kinds of people and all kinds of blogs. it was such an awesome idea, i thought.

meg also talks some about our fast-paced nature and how it shows up even on the internet. how we don’t take the time to leave comments to others, but instead quickly skim blog posts and then move on. we may be inspired by someone’s words or photos, but we often just move on to the next thing, without thanking the author for touching something in us. sometimes we even feel stressed because we are “behind” in in our reading.

DSC_0867when did blogging and reading blogs become a chore? this is not at all what i intended when i created belovelive. i only wanted to share my everyday life and find others that inspire me and are willing to let me sneak in on their lives just a little. the relationships that formed through blogging were an unexpected gift – like a cherry on top. as a fairly well-established blogger(read: been doing it for a while, not that i am doing it right), i realize that any relationships i have formed have been because of a willingness to leave comments and engage other bloggers in conversation. but, i too, have fallen into letting blogging, and more often, blog reading, become a stressor – something that i just need to get done.

but, all that ends today. right now. with this post.

today, i reclaim blog reading as a joy and as a place to interact and connect with people from all over the world. i reclaim it as an inspirational, spiritual act that i have the privilege of adding to my day. basically, all i am doing is resetting my attitude.

but, more importantly, in honor of the amazing blogging world and all that it has given to me throughout the past 3 years, i commit to paying it forward. i plan to take one day each week to focus on new blogs that i discover. i am taking a page from meg’s book and letting myself peruse the blogosphere, soaking up the beauty that i find in new blogs and enjoying the wisdom and inspiration in the ones i have faithfully followed for years.

here’s what i’m going to do:

  • i pledge to visit a new blog every day
  • i pledge to leave a positive comment on each new blog i discover.
  • i also pledge to highlight one blog a week on my blog, either through a post that i write or through a guest blogger.
  • finally, i pledge to create a “random kindness blog tour” page on my blog to highlight the new blogs that i encounter & comment on. hopefully, all of you readers will then have a list of new blogs that you may want to visit. hence, spreading the love.

i want to connect us to each other. i want to support you and all of those other blogs out there. i want to, like meg, lift up people who are writing and photographing and sharing posts that encourage, empower, challenge, and uplift. god knows we have enough difficulty and depressing things in our lives. and, as a response to the darkness, i hope to shed a little light and a little joy.

little did i know, as i read meg’s post yesterday, knowing that i would find a way to incorporate her idea into something on belovelive, that my blog would show up on her list. that’s right, on february 5, meg visited this blog, belovelive, and included it in her blog tour, labeling me a positive blog. what a surprise. and what an incredible honor!

it’s only right that i share that love and acknowledgment with others now. and i can’t wait to get started! let the fun (and love) begin!

now, what was that narcissistic thing i was worried about at the beginning of my post? you know, it’s not about how much i receive. rather, it’s all about how much i give. and i can’t wait to share so much good stuff with all of you!

peace and love. xx


i can get a little design crazy.

for the second part of my photo journey, i thought about focusing on simplicity at home. we all want a peaceful, cozy, friendly, welcoming home. and, if you’re like me, you want your home to be a sanctuary as well. a place that reflects creativity and inspires. a place where everything has a meaning and everything has it’s purpose and place.

i must admit, i’m a sucker for interior design blogs/websites and photos. there are a few blogs that i follow purely because they share amazing photos of inspiring homes. like this one. and i also pin photos of rooms and designs to pinterest. click here to see what inspires me. i’m a mess of contradictions. i love clean, simple, white, black, & gray. at the same time, i love funky, quirky, second-hand, vintage, and warm. my love is exactly the same… lucky for us, huh? somehow, though, we always seem to work out a good balance, even thought our tastes may seem all over the place.

as we prepare to move into our new dream apartment in asheville, we have begun planning what we want our home to feel like. how we want it to look, yes. but also what we want the vibe to be. we want it to be all the things i mentioned above: clean, simple, warm, and a bit funky. so, as we look at websites for new furniture, and pack up very important things that we want to take with us, we realize over & over again, that it isn’t at all about the stuff. sure we love the stuff. we love cool & clean & funky design. but, the meaning behind it, the purpose of it all, whether it is old or new, is what’s most important. so, i’m working hard to keep all in mind.

i’m working hard to remember to make my new home, a simple, loving environment. where moments are filled with laughter and coziness. where we rejoice and enjoy the simple things… quiet mornings on the balcony. dinners around the table with friends. game nights. nights reading in bed. cooking & baking together. rooms filled with music & art.

ultimately my only dream is to make my house a home. it’s that simple.

here are some of the last photos of my home here in sweden… we’ll be moving out of this apartment in about a week or 2. mixed feelings. yeah. it’s been a great, great, great home. take a look at my simplicity journey for the past 5 days:

day 6: corner – my favorite spot to hang out by myself in the mornings. sipping coffee. reading. writing.


7: bowl – my favorite bowl. lovingly made by my creative sister-in-law potter, who i’m gonna live near very soon!


day 8: family – in the midst of some chaos at home this weekend, we found ourselves in the hall at one point & decided it was time for a silly, crazy family portrait. my family is everything to me.


9. table – with the apartment in disarray, i sat down for a moment with my mac on the only empty table to catch up on some blogs and find some inspiration.


10: DIY – check out my love DIY-ing it like a boss. yeah.


wishing you a peaceful morning or night, wherever you are. may you steal away a few moments of silence and peace somewhere in your home.

a tip for all you google reader users.

hey people!

i’ve noticed that quite a few of you that i follow are having a little bit of anxiety about the fact that google reader is shutting down (in july, i think). i don’t use google to read my blogs, and i had no idea it was so popular. sounds like it’s been THE go to place for reading blogs.

now, i am in no way an expert or anything. i don’t really know much about all of this, but I know what works for me. and, since i don’t use google reader, i thought i’d share with y’all two other ways i’ve found that help you easily organize and keep reading your favorite bloggers.

1. WordPress (for wordpress blogs only!)

if you read a wordpress blog, you may notice a little follow button at the top left side of the blog’s page. click it and the posts will begin showing up in your reader.

where is your wordpress reader? go to, sign in, and click on “reader”. your favorite bloggers newest posts will appear chronologically (newest first) and you can easily “like” the post right there on that page, or click on the post and read it on their blog page (the thing to do if you want to leave a comment). the blog opens in a new window. easy peasy.

2. Bloglovin’ (for ALL blogs – which perhaps is easiest, since it can be any blog from any server/website).

Bloglovin’ is simply another website where you can add blogs/websites that you follow. it organizes blogs in the same way as wordpress does. newest first. it is really user-friendly, i think. and you can add/register your blog as well, and hopefully gain new readers! i am following most of you here.

ironically, when i clicked on my Bloglovin’ bookmark a few minutes ago, i saw this:

Google Reader is shutting down July 1st.

Make sure that your blog readers know that they’ll still be able to follow your blog through bloglovin.

P.S. You can import blogs from Google Reader to bloglovin here.

so, Bloglovin’ is directing you to a page in order to easily import all the blogs you follow in google reader into bloglovin’… i’m guessing with just a few simple clicks. nice.


because i want things as simple as possible, i stay signed into my wordpress account and my bloglovin’ account all the time, and i have them as bookmarks at the top of my browser. then, when i click on either bookmark, all the newest blogs appear on my screen and i can see what amazing things y’all have been writing about.

i hope this helps a little. and i hope you understood my information. if you have any questions or need clarification on something, just let me know! good luck!

peace out.

i like…


a certain blogger, who i really like, posted this blog today. she got the idea from another blogger, who got it from another… and so on. so, of course, i thought i’d join in the fun and do a post of my own of the things that i like. this is totally stream-of-consciousness, so i know i left things out. i just made the list as it came to me and then hit the “post” button. it was super fun to think of all the things that make me smile and warm my heart…. i like so many things. i think i’m kind of a random person. but, hey, that’s me! take it or leave it. 20130130-132018.jpg
i like…

yoga. love. snuggles. babies. coffee. journeys. flowers. early mornings alone. crime shows. snowflakes. tattoos. french fries. diversity. airplanes. boats. the ocean. mountains. sunshine. every season of the year. holidays. politics. religion. my brother. remembering my snowy wedding day. driving. picnics. house-hunting. celebrating. the color green. funky rings. folk music. new york city. languages. books. candles. technology. beads in a doorway. photography. longs mornings in bed. beer & wine. keychains. boots. the sand between my toes. sleeping in a tent. perfume. dancing. big fluffy blankets, balconies. eating out. the beatles. new places. spontaneity. new journals. asheville. stockholm. mykonos. dublin. san francisco. movies. log cabins. christmas lights. laughter. long hugs. cats. stars. peace. bracelets. days at home. memoirs. wind in my hair. grandparents. pens & pencils. woodstock. my family. river rafting. dream catchers. north carolina. sweden. theology. wanderlust. playlists. blogging. porches. concerts. history. weather. dolphins. beach week. and my wife.

what do you like?


broken lives & blogging.

i have a good life. no. a great life.

sometimes i wonder, though, how everything appears from the perspective of my blog… let me reassure you, my life is great and amazing, but it is not without it’s troubles and heartache – past & present.

i’ve got a lot on my mind right now, a lot going on in my life that feels really heavy, even in the midst of all the happiness, excitement, & awesome-ness. it’s just that i have a deep belief in goodness, in light, in the possibility of transformation. and this is what i choose to focus on. i do not avoid these difficult things. on the contrary, i deal with them straight on. but, i do not lay it all out here for everyone to read. however, if you talk with me, i’m pretty much an open book. some call me the eternal optimist. others, the naive little girl. but, whatever. call me what you like. you see, i have had (and still have. and will have again) my share of pain, disappointment, fear, and brokenness; but instead of dwelling on the pain, i have learned how to understand that that pain, those moments that feel like the bottom, are simply the beginnings of something new. i learn something from everything i experience. and all of those experiences make me who i am today.

the hardest thing for me to deal with though, is the pain & brokenness that others feel in the world, whether i know them or not. the darkness and injustice that exists in the world, the closed-mindedness and violence… these things keep me awake at night sometimes. and i get overwhelmed. i wonder what the hell i can do to make a difference.

and then i remember, all of us are hurting. all of us are broken.

about 10 years ago i was working with a fellow minister in a church in north carolina, and we decided to have a weekly group that met to talk about john wesley, the founder & father of the methodist church. this man was a great man. someone who sought reform in the church of england, a place that had forgotten how to talk to the masses, how to be relevant, how to make a difference in society, and how to encourage the personal growth of its members. so, john wesley, set out on a horse and traveled around doing the unthinkable. preaching about grace & love to all people in the fields (unlawful according to the anglican church), setting up small groups as places where people could meet and share their fears, hopes, & dreams with each other, and calling each person to a life of holiness – something that he believed we all could attain – through personal spiritual development & love for society. his faith was a balance of personal & societal transformation. it focused on strengthening the inner life and building bridges & hope in the outer life.

in modern day terms, it is setting aside time for things like meditation, yoga, & support groups, and taking time to volunteer & give back.

as i studied this man 10 years ago, reading biographies and his personal journals/sermons, i came to understand just how much i am inspired by his methods, but how much i would not have really liked him as a person = i don’t think i’d want to hang out with him.

the legend of john wesley was crushed for me. i read many personal details, thoughts, and wonderings which humanized the legend for me. i discovered his faults (his obsessive methodology), his quirks, his fears, and his failures.

but, because i learned all of this, i grew to respect him even more. as a human being, not as a legend. and something clicked inside of me… this idea of brokenness as the thing that connects all humans to each other. we all experience it; but we also all try to hide it. why? why must we pretend that everything is perfect? why are we afraid to be vulnerable?

ok, back to my thoughts about making a difference. i used to think a lot about mother teresa. and i actually felt stress that i could never be as amazing as her. and then, i read some of her writings. did you realize that almost the whole time she was working & living with the poor in india she felt far away from God? this amazing woman, whom the world imagines was in communion with God at all times, was simply getting up every morning, going through the motions, and wondering where God was in the midst of all of the suffering she saw.

if mother teresa felt this way, then i am in good company.

and i am reminded by her words of what i need to do. and what i do not need to do. i do not need to save the world. i do not need to solve all the problems. i cannot do that. all, i need to do, because there is suffering all over this world, even in my city, even in my family… is love the people that i come in contact with every day – strangers, neighbors, friends, family. the way that you & i can make a difference, can make a dent in all of the shit in this world, is to use our tiny little lives, wherever we are.

yes. my life is amazing. yes. i have pain & suffering, even today, in my life. but much more than that, i have hope. i know there is hope. i know that this world was intended & created to be a place of beauty & joy, and that beauty & joy can still be found. so, perhaps my work in this world is to point out the beauty that i see, to share the joy that i feel, to meet people & listen to their stories, and to share my own stories of heartbreak & hope.

my friends, we are all connected, whether we admit it or not. i don’t want to live my life cut off from everyone. i want to seek out comfort from others & give comfort. i want to share life… to laugh, love, & cry together.

so, i guess my little blog here, is one of my attempts to connect. to connect with my inner self through writing & reflecting, a spiritual exercise. and to connect with the world by sharing those little moments of my life that bring me peace & joy with others. to share my fears, frustrations, and brokenness as well. i suppose i crave comments and other bloggers because i am given the gift of taking a peek into another’s life, perhaps finding a kindred spirit, and receiving inspiration to continue my journey.

for me, blogging has become a sacred ritual of my day. something that i cherish deeply. my attempt at balancing & achieving a holy life, in which john wesley believed… a life of inner reflection & connection with the divine, and a life that seeks to share and build community with others, sharing grace & love with all.

so, thank you to all you readers out there, to all you who comment & inspire me, and to all you fellow bloggers. thank you for reminding me every day that, even though there are dark times, there is always light, and life is truly amazing… especially when shared.

peace, even in our brokenness.

a little love for the blog world.

a week or so ago, i read a blog post by victoria where she thanked her readers for reading her blog, but also for writing on their blogs. as i read her post, i felt the desire to do the same.

i had no idea how passionate i was about writing until i got into the habit of writing on my little blog here. ironically, a high school teacher once told me that i was terrible writer. then, my job required me to write a lot – so i found myself reflecting & writing sermons and other inspirational things on a regular basis, falling more & more in love with the process of writing. and finally, i began journaling during a very weird, soul-searching time in my life. writing became my outlet for expression. now, writing has become one of the most important things in my life – i truly feel called to write, to share, to inspire, to connect. it is my dream to be a full-time writer, to earn my living from photography & writing (but that’s another blog post for another day).

and while it’s amazing to have this space to write & express my thoughts and feelings, it’s not just that. not just a place to spew out my thoughts & wonderings. this space has become a space for conversation, for meeting new people from all over the world. and all of this is making me a better, wider, more open, more loving person. i definitely feel more inspired than perhaps i’ve ever been. or at least in a completely new way. i feel more free, more like me.

but enough about me. this blog post is about you…

you who visit my little site once a day, once a week, or perhaps only one time ever. you who leave comments & engage in a little conversation with me. you who click that follow button & commit to continuing the conversation, the connection. you who are willing to embark on this crazy, eclectic relationship through the internet.

this post is also about you who write. those of you who type your feelings and thoughts out on a computer screen, and then share them with the world. you, who i agree with & disagree with. you, who challenge me to think out of the box and reflect on who i am. you who share little snippets of your life with me through your words and your pictures. i am honored to be able to get a glimpse into your life. and i sometimes find myself thinking about you at random times throughout the day… how amazing is that? you, who i have never met, and yet have made such an impact on me. and, of course, you, who are my family & friends living so far away from me. i am so thankful to be able to keep in touch.

for all of you, readers & writers, i thank you. thank you for being part of my life, for reminding me every day that i am not alone. i may not see you in person or hear your voice as your speak, but i do see you and i do hear you. and i am overwhelmingly thankful that you see & listen to me too.

what a gift it is to belong to such a wonderful, ever expanding group.

keep writing & posting, my friends. i’ll keep  reading.

and keep coming back to visit me. i’ll be here. peace.

better late than never i always say.

two-ish weeks ago i received 2 comments which notified me that i had won 2 different blog awards. wow! cool! well, it has been super busy in my life, and i have had blog posts & ideas for blog posts coming out my ears, so it is only now that i am finally getting around to responding to those awards. but, at least i’m doing it now.

1. the versatile blogger award.

the fun american chick from NYC who now lives in sweden over at somethingswedish gave me this award. i admit, with a little embarrassment, that this is the second time i have been awarded this one. needless to say, i am unbelievably honored and excited that a fellow expat here in sweden thought of me! she has just moved here (about 4-5 months ago, if i remember correctly) and it is extremely entertaining to read about her new experiences and vicariously live through her first year adjustments to living in sweden (reminds me much of my first year, and brings back good memories!). it’s a good read, and i truly suggest that you stop by & check her out. thanks, girl!

since i won this award previously as well, i’m gonna skip out on the rules and instead send you to my previous post, the one i did when i won the first time. the blogs that i mentioned there are still wonderful blogs & they have become part of my daily reads. they are my first true connections in this blogosphere, so i hold them dear to my little blogging heart. click here & find some awesome new blogs to read and 7 fun things about myself that you didn’t know!

2. the beautiful blogger award.

this is the first time i’ve been awarded this one! makes me happy that someone thinks of my blog as beautiful. what a compliment. thanks to leigh over at bluegrass notes for thinking of me! leigh’s blog is beautiful in what she writes about… she makes me feel calm & offers wonderful, interesting thoughts on living a healthy, spiritual, whole life. check her out! thanks again, leigh.

now on to the fun!

5 beautiful blogs you rally should check out!

  • 365 to 30. an inspiring & gorgeous blog about a young woman’s year-long journey to her 30th birthday. love the pics!
  • the urban hippie. i love this chick’s pictures. sooo beautiful. give s me a great little USA fix whenever i need it.
  • 400 days to 40. another beautiful blog about one’s journey toward a milestone birthday. i’m so gonna do this since i turn 40 in 2 years!
  • linköping with love. i can’t believe i stumbled onto a beautiful blog by an american who lives in a city 30 minutes from me! we gotta meet! and you gotta check out her pics!
  • kill ’em with curls. i love this beautiful blog! kimberly is creative and poetic, and her blog is simple & beautiful.

i highly recommend these girls above and i am so happy to pass of the beautiful blogger award to them! the beauty lies in various things in each of their blogs, and they are each beautiful in their own unique way.

happy reading & happy blogging!

sending you all some saturday peace.

oh, to be like the cat.

we have this routine in the mornings in our little home. not one that we decided on, but that has just happened over time. the cat loves to play early in the mornings… which we don’t really like, since she wants us to play with her and we’re still trying to squeeze in a little more bit sleep. so, we ignore (as best we can) her cries and her little paw pokes to our faces. we try to forget the fact that she’s running like a wild animal from room to room, just dying for someone to get up and play with her. but we don’t budge. we pull the covers up tighter & pretend to be asleep – hopefully actually falling back asleep.

fast forward about an hour, and our alarms go off. we usually give ourselves a little time to drink some coffee & read the newspaper/blogs in bed. but, still, the cat is unsatisfied. she keeps jumping up and talking to us, moving from room to room, not sure what she wants to do. and then, we get up and the cat is satisfied to follow us around a little bit as we get ourselves ready for the day. but, soon, in the midst of our morning preparations, we realize that the cat is no longer with us, no longer following us. where is she? yep. she’s now in bed. ready to take a long, cozy nap. usually crying for someone to lift the covers so she can snuggle under and have a relaxing morning.

i wanna be like the cat. after i’ve had my coffee and caught up on some news, i wanna snuggle back down under the covers, perhaps not to sleep, but to enjoy a lazy, relaxing morning. writing, reading, creating, even working some (maybe).

today i most definitely don’t want to get out of bed. it’s raining & snowing (april weather in sweden still remains to be optimal). it’s gray. my coffee is yummy. the cat has now made herself a little cozy spot beside me. everything feels good right here. i wanna stay. i don’t wanna face the weekend. well, part of me does, but the other part of me doesn’t. i’ve got a lot to do tonight, tomorrow, and sunday – job related. i am preaching for the first time in 4 years on sunday, and organizing a bunch of youth to help lead the service at church. i feel ok & excited about getting to preach, and yet overwhelmed at the same time… wanting the next 48 hours to just disappear and for everything to be over so i can breathe. not a good attitude, i know. but, even though i know that everything will be fine, i still am filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown. it’s always easier to breathe in the middle of doing something difficult & of course, after it is finished. but, before… that’s the time that will drive you crazy.

and on top of that, lina is gone this weekend for her work. she’s leaving in about an hour and will meet me at church sunday morning. thank goodness i have the cat (crazy as she is) to keep me company, calm me down, and make me laugh.

so, yes. in my dreams i could climb back into bed and stay there. with my little family. just us. here. all day.

whatever you face today, i wish you energy in the midst of it. and some rest for your soul later on. remember to take care of yourself, to make some time for just you.

peace and love, dear readers.

passing on the love.

the blogging world is amazing.

i know there are some people who think that the whole internet/social media thing is out of control, and it definitely can become something that takes over your life, causing you to lose contact with everyday life. it is a fine art, balancing life online & life in reality. but, i think i am doing a pretty good job at it. at least i’m trying to. and, right now in my life, both my online time & my time in the middle of everyday society are precious to me. i feel as if my world is expanding. i am meeting people face to face and blog to blog. my work seems to span across real life & internet life. in both worlds i write, take pictures, and share my thoughts on subjects from theology to self-confidence to love to equality to just enjoying life, and everything in between. but more importantly, i get a chance to listen to the lives of people with whom i am connected. i have the privilege, within my work (online or in life), of meeting people exactly where they are and hearing their struggles, their joys, their fears, their dreams… and i am so inspired.  inspired by who i meet, what i read, who i talk with – whether it be face to face or blog to blog, whether i agree or believe the same as them, or not. the privilege is the chance to get to know people, to create community. for, that is what life is all about. we may be different because we are from different places, live different lives, and have different experiences, but inside, we are one in the same. we are one.

within this ever-growing blogging community of people who simply stumble onto each other’s little corner in the blogosphere, i have met so many interesting people. and i feel that we have connected over many different topics or interests. the thing is, we always find some meeting point. there is always connection, and instead of focusing on the differences in our lives, we seek each other out based on what is similar. it’s a beautiful thing.

this past weekend, i received notification that i had been nominated for the inspiring blog award by a fellow blogger, natalie – who i have recently “met”. and i am truly humbled and excited. you see, i am pretty up front about my beliefs, but i never want them to deter me from meeting new people (= people see my blog, read my words, and are turned off because i’m too “preachy”). at the same time, i have made an oath with my self to let my voice be heard, to be true to who i am.

the thing is, my faith is wide. christian, muslim, atheist, jewish, hindu, agnostic, pagan, buddhist, noncommittal, whatever… i am open to everyone. and i want everyone to feel comfortable reading my blog… i want to convey respect, equality, hope, love. yes, i believe in certain things & i work in a church, but my biggest belief is love. i am honored and humbled every time i receive a message from someone, who connects with me because of our mutual desire to seek love, to listen to our souls, and to search for the inspiration to live our lives authentically. as i said before, we are truly all one. why focus on the little details that are different instead of building on that which brings us together? and if my blog inspires just one person, then i feel overwhelmed and overjoyed. so, i am honored to accept this award, which means so much to me.

now, down to business. with this award come a few responsibilities.

1. thank the blogger who nominated you for the award

natalie, thank you for your nomination. i have truly enjoyed being in contact with you, having little conversations through comments. you inspire me to think, to be open, to remember my voice & who i am,  and at the same time, listen carefully to the words of people around me. i love reading your reflections and thoughts on life. thank you for thinking of me, but more importantly, thank you for sharing your voice as you seek to live life to the fullest.

2. share 7 things about yourself

  • i am the world’s biggest procrastinator. to the point that the one who lives with me might go crazy. love you, lina.
  • i have always secretly wanted to be an actor. not to be famous, but to stand on stage & perform night after night.
  • i think i’ll explore the possibility of going to china within the next 15 months – thanks to a friend who will live there for a year.
  • i’m an apple product junkie.
  • music evokes such strong emotions & memories in me. all kinds of music. all kinds of memories & emotions.
  • bliss is my word of the year.
  • i love travel sooooo much (not a new revelation for most of you), but when home, i am a homebody… a lover intimate, quiet evenings with a few friends or with just my family. i’m a lover of coziness, candles, wine, calm music or movies.

3. nominate 7 bloggers for the award.

  • moments of mezz : mezz shares her life through her writing & her amazing photos. whenever i need to remember that life is good, i surf on over to her. she will lift your spirits!
  • the lesbian next door  : i am inspired by this blogger’s short stories and stories of life. she is fun to read and reminds me how ordinary life can be (and is) extraordinary. it’s just fun connecting with her! i feel a kindred spirit – a 30 something woman married to a woman. :)
  • something swedish : this chick is a fellow american living in sweden. she inspires me to remember the joy of my life  in sweden, as she writes about her experiences discovering her place in a new (and sometimes strange & different, but amazing & beautiful) country.
  • fat mum slim : to being with, this australian blogger has a visually inspiring blog. she is very “successful” in her blogging work, but she is also so down-to-earth, sharing stories from her life & inspiring others to let their creative sides flow.
  • nicibici : my dear friend who has just started her blog. seriously, just started it. but, she is an inspiring person in my life, so i am anticipating with excitement her presence in the blogging world. plus, i can keep up with her. she’s a fellow chick who fell in love, left her home country, and moved to a new one to live together with her love.

now, off to balance my life a little & meet some co-workers & my love for lunch! have a fabulous tuesday!

inspiration & peace.