gettin’ our party on in april.

31 Mar 2013 photography

march’s journey is complete. we have traveled from darkness to light. literally, here in sweden. the time changed last night, so we are now  livin’ it up with much longer days. tonight, it’s almost 7:30 and the sun is still shining. in a month or so, it’ll be 10:30pm and the sun’ll still be shining. ya gotta love the long summer days in sweden. and we deserve them after living through the long, dark winter nights for 5 months. yep.Read More

spring break staycation.

30 Mar 2013 the sacred everyday

when i got home from work tonight, it hit me. since i took off 2 weeks from work and then,plans changed, i now have 2 weeks of freedom in front of me… beginning right now! i’m thinking that staying at home is gonna be perfect – though i may go back to work the second week. anyway. i also realized that many people have easter/spring break next week, and since i’m off too, i’m getting a spring break! so, tonight,Read More

ok all you artsy, photo-lovin’ people out there… it’s time for 28 days of love!

that’s right. after a month off, i decided that all i really needed was a little break. a breather, you could say. and, i’ve had that now. sooooo…. beginning tomorrow on the first of february, i’m ready to get back in the game. i’m excited. i’m pumped. i’m rejuvenated & refreshed. and i’m ready to fall in love with photography all over again. yep. i’m ready to embark on a photo a day challenge again. of course, after creating myRead More

belovelive photo challenge: over & out.

1 Jan 2013 photography, wilderness

it’s over. back in the end of november i decided to create my own photo challenge, inspired by december holidays and happenings. i figured out some important & key words, looked at dates, and created a little image with the prompts. then, i invited y’all to join in. and many of you did. and some of you even stuck with me through the whole month! it has been amazing & inspiring in a whole new way. seeing all of y’allsRead More

getting down to business.

7 Aug 2012 life

i shared with y’all a few days ago that i had been asked to be the photographer for a band during their upcoming gig on friday night. well, i’m completely over the moon with excitement because i love their music & i love that i have an opportunity to do some photography for more professional reasons. (eeee!!!) so, that got me dreaming a little. ya know, sometimes i can be a little materialistic. hehe. and since i am working toRead More



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