a road trip down memory lane

aren’t there days that you are feeling nostalgic and just want to wander down memory lane? i have those days every now and then, and they are a perfect excuse to take a little road trip. you know, a road trip filled with driving down old, familiar roads; but with fresh, new eyes. well, saturday morning my love and i woke up and asked each other what we wanted to do. it was clear that we both had a littleRead More

stairway to heaven… there’s a job out there somewhere.

11 Aug 2013 Asheville, NC, life

remember that i had a little networking meet-up the other day? no? i didn’t mention it here on my blog? well, i secretly mentioned it… it was the inspiration behind this post. hehe. anyway, i did have a little networking meet-up with an inspiring guy who’s a journalist/blogger here in asheville. i’d never met him before, but i have been having a little twitter contact with him for the past 4ish months. that’s not much contact considering you only haveRead More

my cup is overflowing.

i did it. i made it. i stood up, opened my mouth, and let the swedish flow. ok, perhaps it didn’t flow perfectly. perhaps i stumbled over some pronunciations and mixed up some grammar. but, i did it. i preached my first sermon in 4 years, which caused enough anxiety & excitement itself; but i did it all in swedish too. i am freaking overwhelmed. today was the equivalent of youth sunday in the church where i work. working withRead More

my beloved nc mountains: canton

2 Feb 2012 north carolina

there is this little town on the east side of the great smoky mountains/pisgah national forest. it’s a mill town. a paper mill, that is. i never knew much about it, or actually cared to know much about it, until i moved there in 2004 – the year i turned 30. growing up, i had passed by the town by way of the highway, and the only way i knew it was there was because of it’s smell. let’s beRead More

september inspires me.

on my way to work! hello, my lovely september!! as much as i love the spring & summer months in all of their blue skies and warm sun glory, i must admit that i am a sucker for all things fall. and while the official start of fall is in a few weeks, the month of september ushers in the change of the seasons for me. warm august nights, hot, sunny days, and vacations are now a thing of theRead More



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