# 4. i left my in ♥ asheville.

there is no other place like it. i know i’ve written about asheville several times, but seriously. it is a unique and wonderful place! the mountains of NC are amazing, beautiful, peaceful, wild, and inspiring… from the rivers, to the woods, to the mountaintops, to the dirt roads, to the history, and the hidden coves yet to be discovered. it is a place to get away. to get back to nature. to enjoy the opportunity to slow down and soak up everything that is around you. the city of asheville (which is in the middle of the mountains, & about the size of norrköping = 130,000-150,000 people) is diverse, alive, colorful, entertaining, artsy. a haven for all things hippie, earthy, environmental, cultural, open-minded, eclectic. a place where you can learn, observe, grow, dance, create, and just be. i know i’m making it sound too good to be true, but i’m telling the truth. there is no place like asheville & the mountains of NC.

after the beach week with my family, lina & i headed up to the mountains to visit friends and to feel the beats of our hearts in asheville. it was a super quick, 36-hour trip, but it was amazing! i lived in the NC mountains for 11 years, part of the time in the middle of nature, part of the time in a small town, and part of the time in the middle of asheville. lina lived with me in asheville for about a year as well – i believe we will always consider it home. our hearts are there. our souls are there. and so now, i share that little corner of the world with you…

people who have touched my heart…

mini-caravan reunion! i traveled with these amazing young adults to northern europe in 2007 – and i met an unbelievable woman who ended up becoming my wife! lucky me! ♥

my dear friends from my days working in a church & their newborn baby girl. soooo sweet.

my spiritual mentor and a most amazing friend. miss her to pieces. 

crazy, funny co-workers from my days teaching in a high school in asheville. these women give me strength & teach me about enjoying life.

and the places that touch my heart…

one of our favorites stores. street fair. peace. love. equality. organic. incense.

a typical sidewalk. all kinds of people just hanging out. taking it easy.

urban outfitters & lots of people. love it.

the drum circle in the middle of downtown. every friday night there is an actual drum circle. anyone can bring their drum(s) and just jam. the beat will not allow you to stand still. you’ve gotta just join all the others & move with the beat. all kinds of people. all ages. all races. all nationalities. all gathered to dance in such a tribal, simplistic way. it’s fuuuunnn! other days there are peace rallies. or little concerts. or people just hanging out – homeless, tourists, families, teenagers, couples, everyone.

just a typical scene. mountains, old buildings, new buildings, people, a bicycle.

mellow mushroom. funky. yummy.

could be boring old buildings… but look, someone funked it up with a lime green door. why i love asheville.

inside our favorite pub for a cold beer & their famous (for us!) garlic fries. i waited a year for this moment.

happy girls. in love with each other & their city.

there ya go! check back tomorrow for NYC!!

peace & love, man.