40 | August 2015 // milestones (a collection of favorites from my 40th year)

1 Aug 2015 mixtapes

well, friends… this is it. this is my 12th playlist. my last month. i started last september by creating a playlist to celebrate turning 40 that month, and challenged myself to create a playlist every single month throughout the entire year… i wanted to create a soundtrack to my 40th year. and, with this august playlist, my 12 months, my 40th year, is coming to a close. the playlists are done. and i have a year’s worth of music thatRead More

a girl and her fika:

i have started a new project! a 40 day challenge like no other. i totally just made it up from my own little brain last week, with some inspiration from Instagram followers who make fun of the fact that i take lots of coffee photos and visit lots of cafes. so, i thought about that, combined a tons of things that i love together… and voila! was born. think: coffee, cafes, sweden, asheville, photos, journals, people, stories, transformations. eeeek.Read More

on the hunt for some warmth. in sweden. in january.

25 Jan 2013 wilderness

i think that the weather forecast shows that it is supposed to warm up a little bit in the next few days – and by “warm up”, i mean 0C/32F. but, i’m not counting on it. folks, i am frozen to my bones. like, totally. it is extremely beautiful and all that, but i cannot get warm. there’s only so much coffee & tea a woman can drink. yes, i just said that. but, seriously, i don’t want to spendRead More

travel confessions from a pilgrim.

14 Oct 2012 travel + wander

the other day (ok. the other week.) laura over at german-american abroad, surprised me & tagged me to do a post revealing my most secret travel confessions. i’m sure she thinks that i’ve completely forgotten about this little challenge. but i haven’t! i’d never forget something that encouraged me to talk about one of my favorite things in life. thanks, laura, for choosing me! so, here come my deepest, darkest, inner thoughts about the joy of travel. oh yeah. firstRead More

leaving the shoreline.

26 Sep 2012 wilderness

isn’t yoga supposed to calm you? well, tonight all it has done is revealed to me that i feel a little “off” right now. i couldn’t focus at all during my class. at the same time, i wasn’t freaked out about the fact that i couldn’t concentrate. perhaps it’s just tonight i feel like this. or perhaps it’s a longer phase. a week. or more? oh god, i hope not. i don’t feel bad or upset or even anxious. justRead More



slow living. photography. craft beer. spirituality. moon + stars. bare feet. road trips. mexican food. blankets. the ocean. journals. coffee. airplanes. forests. meditation. eating out. cacti. playlists. family time. zola the cat. lina, my love.

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