Time to hit that big ole reset button: Happy Solar Eclipse + First Day of School

21 Aug 2017 spirit + soul

There’s a total solar eclipse AND it’s the first day of school today. And if that ain’t reason to think about hitting the reset button, focusing on a fresh start, acknowledging the magic of beginning again, and recommitting to living a better, higher, more authentic life, then I don’t know what is. Hello, friends. I’ve been gone from here for quite a while. Perhaps the longest blogging break since I started this space 6 and a half years ago. ItRead More

venus retrograde: six weeks to figure out what you love

25 Jul 2015 spirit + soul

something big is happening in the stars again. back in the beginning of july i eluded to the fact that this month was lining up to be an intense, powerful, inspiring month. i like to call it the summer of love. (read what i said about it –> here). we’ve made it through one full moon, one new moon, and we have another full moon ( a blue moon actually) waiting in the wings. but, first, we have what anRead More

mercury retrograde is over: what the hell just happened?!

13 Jun 2015 spirit + soul

in no way am i an astrologer, nor do i want to be. but, i do appreciate and look to the skies for inspiration. i see such a beautiful connection between nature, the universe, and our experiences in life. so, with that said, i enjoy reading about what’s happening “out there” and seeing how it relates to what’s happening down here, and more specifically, in my life. and i believe that it is all connected, that things all relate toRead More



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