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30 Jul 2013 home + design

well, friends & fam, it’s ready. the apartment is all fixed and totally livable now! we worked intensely for a week and got it done. lina is, of course, a work horse. she is incredibly motivated and inspiring. and all of her energy to organize and decorate has even rubbed off on me a little. bonus points to me. it may seem crazy that we did everything so quickly, but the we want our home to be a welcoming, open,Read More

asian invasion!

25 Oct 2012 travel + wander

yesterday my love & i did something amazing. we booked tickets for a spring trip to CHINA!! i am still pinching myself. actually, after we booked the tickets i think i was in shock or something. i was excited, but really, really subdued. i stayed that way for the rest of the day. i believe that it didn’t feel real. that i couldn’t grasp the awesome amazingness of having an opportunity to travel to the other side of the world.Read More

travel confessions from a pilgrim.

14 Oct 2012 travel + wander

the other day (ok. the other week.) laura over at german-american abroad, surprised me & tagged me to do a post revealing my most secret travel confessions. i’m sure she thinks that i’ve completely forgotten about this little challenge. but i haven’t! i’d never forget something that encouraged me to talk about one of my favorite things in life. thanks, laura, for choosing me! so, here come my deepest, darkest, inner thoughts about the joy of travel. oh yeah. firstRead More



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