a road trip down memory lane

aren’t there days that you are feeling nostalgic and just want to wander down memory lane? i have those days every now and then, and they are a perfect excuse to take a little road trip. you know, a road trip filled with driving down old, familiar roads; but with fresh, new eyes. well, saturday morning my love and i woke up and asked each other what we wanted to do. it was clear that we both had a littleRead More

time for a little homecomin’, y’all.

the theme for this year’s north carolina state fair was “a north carolina homecoming!”… totally appropriate for me, since it has actually been my “homecoming” back to north carolina this year. my first autumn, my first fair, in my home state in quite a few years. needless to say, i was extremely excited to be able to visit the state fair this year, an old tradition that i’ve shared with my family for most of my life. and what wasRead More

today is my ex-pat birthday.

20 Aug 2012 life

it’s the scary choices that end up being the most worthwhile.    ~ melissa joy kong two years ago today,  i boarded a plane in north carolina with 2 suitcases, 2 bags, a dog crate, a cat carrier, 2 carry-on bags, my love, & our cat. it was my last day as a us resident (at least for a little while) and my first day as an ex-pat. i was an american hungry for adventure, yearning to leave the statesRead More

24: something new.

24 May 2012 Uncategorized

i rode on the bus today. the super hot bus, with lots of smelly people. disgusting, but true. how did i entertain myself? i listened to some awesome music with my new awesome, mocha-colored urbanears headphones. oh yeah. in the evening, i went to a meeting out in the country at a real, typical, old swedish house on a farm. it was my first time in a genuine swedish farmhouse… something else that was new today. the house was  builtRead More



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