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27 Jan 2015 spirit + soul

after weeks of utter chaos + craziness, i finally settled down just enough to meditate. yes, i haven’t done real, alone, focused meditation since the middle of december. since then, life has been a little bit out of the ordinary with houseguests, the holidays, a little trip, and a huge move across the atlantic. needless to say, i did not prioritize my daily morning rituals – and boy, has my soul felt it. however, i am not beating myself upRead More

five days. two continents. and a ton of adventures.

hello blog! hello friends! we did it! we made the move to sweden! i am embarking on my third (!!) expat journey, my second in sweden. it feels surreal + unbelievable that we are here. i will not bore you with all of the details, but just know that, as every single trip/journey that my love + i take together, this was was no different: filled with adventures, stress, tears, laughs, and craziness. whenever we travel, near or far, youRead More

things i love about these september days.

you know, september is my favorite month because there’s a lot to love about it. it’s got a little bit of everything: summer, fall, the possibility of really chilly weather, green trees, autumn-colored leaves, blue skies, rainy days, the beginning of a new year (my brain still works on an academic year. hehe.), sweaters, boots, warm days, dark nights, and gifts & celebrations (it’s my birthday month!). it always feels like a transitional month to me, and a month toRead More

call it karma. call it luck. call it whatever. i’m blown away.

hi dear readers! well, here i sit. in our stripped down, almost bare apartment with no tv. no living room furniture. and only a little bit of our stuff left over from the weekend, which we’re planning to give away beginning tomorrow. it’s pretty silent and simple here now. but, we do have internet. so, i’ll survive. no need to worry. hehe. though i must admit, it’s a little weird right now. just to update you, and in an attemptRead More

it’s the little things. like fruit & veggies.

13 Jun 2013 life

yesterday i had a perfect expat moment that took my breath away. it was one of those moments where i stopped doing what i was doing and practically pinched myself. i was in my downtown office working (ahem….), with my old-fashioned windows flung wide open. i heard church bells off in the distance. and people down below laughing, chatting, and buying fresh vegetables at the market just two stories down from my window. i was sipping some very strong, veryRead More



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